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Microwave-Side Chat: 3 Steps To Get Your Teen to Pull Up Their “Low Riding Pants” [VIDEO]

For today’s Microwave-Side Chat, The Big Milkshake’s shares his thoughts on how you can persuade your teen to pull up their pesky “low riding pants”. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Multitasking Over Labor Day Weekend

[ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: War, Hotflashes, and Life

We hope you enjoy this installment of our favorite tweets– we think it has something for everyone. [ Read More ]

WATCH: Operation: Save The Beer Bottle [VIDEO]

Saving a beer bottle from it’s ultimate demise is no easy task. Of course, The Big Milkshake was up for the job. [ Read More ]

End of The Summer Thanksgiving

I was at the gym today and I overheard a woman talking about buying a turkey for her Labor Day dinner. WOW, I thought, that was strange. I was curious, so I questioned why. [ Read More ]

Zinged By My Family: Episode 2, Relationship Skills Feedback

My family pulls no punches. I think (hope) that means they love me. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: The Perfect Gym

For all of you who struggle with going to the gym everyday, check out what Leah’s gym has to offer… [ Read More ]

Watch: My Favorite Funny True Story [Video]

My favorite funny true story video is by Andy Borowitz at a Moth story-telling event.* [ Read More ]


With our intense love of Lord of the Rings, bodies discombobulated by puberty, and a complete lack of fashion sense or taste in popular music, my friends and I decided that we weren’t going to get dates to our 8th grade prom. [ Read More ]

Ecological Idea Torpedoed by Management

I had the following exchange with the very nice office manager at our office yesterday. I had mentioned to fellow Longmeadow escapee, Howard Odentz, that I perhaps could, indeed, find a useful, ecological way to make use of of his marvelous mini-goats. [ Read More ]