Archives for July 2013

The Forbidden Juicyfruit

I was at a bowling birthday party, a form of torture invented for parents of elementary school children, the first time I tried gum. [ Read More ]

Portion Control: Her Idea and Mine

Dear Secret Diary– Chocolate Malt Shake (my wife) were talking the other day and discovered portion control means something different to each of us. [ Read More ]

Jeanne Robertson’s “Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store!” [VIDEO]

Our goal is to bring you funny true stories, however they cross our path.  We found this hysterical Jeanne Robertson clip on YouTube. The setup is fun, and we couldn’t stop laughing for the last few minutes. [ Read More ]

The Disappearance of Reggie

Most days our lives don’t mimic movies. I find this to be a tragedy since I would really love Joel Edgerton to come sweep me off my feet (or his brother Nash… either is acceptable). Once in a while, however, it seems like moments in our day come straight from an IMAX screen. Normally this … [ Read More ]