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My cousin Vikki is notorious for her list making.  She keeps a grocery list on the refrigerator at all times, and if something is needed in the house she declares, ”Write it down!”  I decided to make a tiny addition to her list that everyone could agree upon: [ Read More ]

Taking A Digger: What It Means And What It Doesn’t

Slang fascinates me. How did those words and phrases come to be? Who were the first ones to use them? How did it catch on? While some slang can be traced to different people or regions, others are a complete mystery. The one that I can’t figure out, and that has created some awkward situations, … [ Read More ]

Love and Marriage and Plant-icide

You know what they say: love means never having to say you’re sorry. Yeah, right. [ Read More ]

SFA Quiz: Grateful Dead Song or Domestically Brewed Craft Beer?

So, just how great of a Dead fan are you? What do you know better: craft beer or classic rock? Do we want you on our trivia team? Each of the following titles are either a Grateful Dead song, craft beer name, or both! [ Read More ]

The Royal Baby: A Q&A With The Smiles For All Team

July 23, 2013, 2:22pm EST– Prince William, future Kind of England, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby boy yesterday at 4:24 UK time. The Royal Couple has yet to announce the name of their first child, a new heir to the throne. Here are our answers to some questions that we … [ Read More ]

My Favorite Sandy Koufax Story

Back in 1965 Sandy Koufax refused to pitch in the first game of the World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur, a Jewish high holy day. [ Read More ]

Where Is The Rest of Me?

I’m slowly losing a part of my identity. I’m not talking about the id, ego, or superego…I’m referring to my apostrophe. Computer programs rarely recognize that my proud Irish surname has the Gaelic equivalent of an umlaut. [ Read More ]

The Three Stooges Practice Medicine… Literally!

True story – I did a rotation as a medical resident with a Dr. Kerley. [ Read More ]

This One Time At Band Camp

This one time at band camp, I learned a valuable lesson: If you’re going to pull a prank on someone, make sure it’s the right someone BEFORE you follow through. I learned this by being the wrong someone. It happened many years ago and now I think it’s hilarious. I didn’t at the time, but … [ Read More ]

Water Sports for Families

“Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.” Soldiers? In this case, it’s my mother, my father, and me, militant in our attempt to paddle a canoe out of the grasp of a Florida mangrove tree. [ Read More ]