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I’m Not Melting

June 24, 2013– Dear Secret Diary.  In the spirit of Alan, I am always looking for playful ways to create Milkshake Moments for others (which ends up being fun for me). [ Read More ]

The Great Pantsing Incident of 2012

While I was waiting for the results of my x-rays in the emergency room, my boyfriend looked at me and asked, “Was it worth it?” [ Read More ]

7 Reasons to Go Outside Immediately

If you didn’t take a lunch break today (Wednesday), better take an afternoon stroll outside and enjoy the sun before seven days of straight thunderstorms. [ Read More ]


We were walking in Central Park and saw a middle-aged woman ostensibly struggling to take a photo of herself.  We asked if we could help.  [ Read More ]

Girl Meets Hummus

To kick off a unit on Mesopotamia in sixth grade, my teachers treated us to a day of ancient style feasting. The buffet had reliable favorites like apples and pears and foods my young self had never seen before like couscous and figs. [ Read More ]

What Happened When I Told My Mom About My “D” On The Math Test

I came home one day from school in 5th or 6th grade and announced to my mom, “I got a ‘D’ on my math test!”  [ Read More ]


I was raised in an Italian household where I spoke Italian to my family and English to everybody else.  This proved very useful, especially when having to translate my parent-teacher conferences (“Tony has been very bad” quickly became “Tony has been a delight to have”). [ Read More ]

The Perfect Balancing Act

Have you heard of Nik Wallenda?  He is a 7th generation stunt man who grew up in a family of entertainers.  About a year ago he walked across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope at night!  It was bound to be an exciting, horrifying, and exhilarating evening. [ Read More ]

Buster the Dog: King of Ruffs

Since we got our dog Buster from a rescue shelter last fall, he’s been a great dog. Loyal, friendly, quiet, playful – all of those qualities a family loves. [ Read More ]

In Search Of The Missing Ice Cream

 My aunt and uncle live up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. A few days before my cousin Weston’s graduation, they started planning a big graduation party. After buying all kinds of food to prepare for the big day, my aunt noticed that the pièce de résistance, a special berry ice cream Weston loved, kept going … [ Read More ]