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Intern Road Trip

I have worked and worked as an intern. As a college student, I knew when to laugh at a boss’ bad jokes just in case it helped (heads up: it does) and who to befriend because they would teach me how to refill the copier paper. Now that I supervise interns, I refrain from asking … [ Read More ]

The Tattletale and the Whistleblower

I was with my little cousins Marli, who’s 5, and Ben, who’s 12.  Marli was blowing a plastic whistle she had gotten from a Chuckie Cheese, really loudly.  Ben, being the 12-year-old big brother, asked her to stop, but she kept blowing the whistle louder and louder. [ Read More ]

First Day of School

Back in the early ’90’s we were a young family of five. Our three children were raised on Sesame Street and Disney VHS tapes. As time passed our oldest child, Zachary, finally was ready to go to kindergarten. [ Read More ]

Never Too Much Gnocchi

I was the baby of a very, very Italian family. My mother was a tough woman with a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. She had thick, muscular arms from keeping the home; doing all the cleaning, child-rearing, and cooking. She cooked everything from scratch; from bread to pasta to pastries of all sorts. … [ Read More ]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…or $45

This has to be one of my favorite funny stories of playful mischief I’ve ever heard.   It happened a lifetime ago (all the way back in 1991!), but it’s silliness lives on for eternity.  [ Read More ]

A Confusing Fortune (Cookie)

I eat Chinese food from the take out place down the street probably once a week. The other week, my roommate and I both got fortune cookies, but he didn’t want his so I opened both of them.  Upon reading the fortunes inside, only one question remained: where to look first? [ Read More ]

Why I Did Hot Yoga and Why I’ll (Probably) Do It Again

Born and raised in the suburbs, my parents tried to expose my brothers and me to new things.  They took us to places including the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada.  Granted, it was Aruba, Cancun, and I’m from Buffalo, so Canada was about 30 minutes away.  But nonetheless, I considered myself quite “worldly”. [ Read More ]

How to Get Smarter Looking Feet

For all you college graduates out there, you’ve probably been exposed to one or maybe more of those dense and mandatory Philosophy 101 classes.  And even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of Sigmund Freud.  You know, they guy who discovered that we all love our moms and dads a little too much? [ Read More ]

The Adorable Young Girl And Her Newly Chosen Name

Young children have the coolest imaginations.  Recently, a Mom told me that her 4-year old daughter gave herself a new name,“Princess Mermaid Unicorn Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle.” [ Read More ]

The Chopstick Conundrum

Back in high school, my friends and I would often spend the after school hours hanging out at each other’s houses, or as our parents would call it, much to our annoyance, on “play-dates”. Sometimes, in desperate attempts to get us outside of the house and away from breakables, our parents would take us out … [ Read More ]