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Which Came First: The Family Name or the Family Business?

Back when the British were first settling in North America, many people referred to each other by their first name followed by the name of their occupation.  So if John were a blacksmith, he may have been called John Smith and so on.  Many last names such as Carpenter, Taylor, Brewer and Mason came about … [ Read More ]

Dirty Dog

Several years ago I was at a conference of educators in Louisville, Kentucky. The collective purpose of the college professors and high school teachers there was to grade the thousands of Advanced Placement Literature and Composition examination papers that had been submitted by students from across America. As much of an honor as it was … [ Read More ]

Law and Mail Order

The line at the post office was endless, and I was in a huge rush.  Luckily for me, there was a police officer in charge to “keep the peace” amongst the chaos. “If you need anything stamped come with me!” He ordered. That was precisely the reason I was there, schlepping a big stack of … [ Read More ]

Gourmet Medicine

When I was a teen, I bussed tables at Shores Orchard Downs. Shores was a a very highly touted gourmet restaurant at the time.  I was bussing a table of 4 or 5 couples when one of the gentlemen at the table called me over.  He whispered a request for some Anacin to me. [ Read More ]

Mrs. Robinson

It was the early seventies and my sister, Mary, was teaching at Yale University.  She had just received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and agreed to stay on to teach in the program.  Not long after she started teaching, Mary met a woman who would go on to become one of her closest peers … [ Read More ]

National Treasures: Celebrity Sightings at the Museum

Personally, I’ve never been one for standing around and looking at old things.  On the other hand, I’ve always been a pop culture junkie, so I’m constantly on the look out for celebrities. [ Read More ]

A Brief Walk Through the Shallow End

I’ve decided to tell you a story that I’ve never told anyone completely. In the times I’ve told this story before, I’ve exaggerated certain facts and completely neglected others to bend and mold the story to make myself seem better in some way. But I’ve grown kind of tired of spreading lies about myself to … [ Read More ]

Totally EmBEARassing [VIDEO]

Having bad eyesight can be embarrassing.  So this video is really about why you should visit your optometrist more often. (To read about Justin, click here) [ Read More ]

Lost in Translation

My parents are 100% Polish and had a lot of family in Poland.  In the 1970s, my dad was in close correspondence with them via letter. At that time, Poland was under communist rule, so my dad’s family did not have much. My dad wanted to send them a package that was small and compact, … [ Read More ]

Fruit Cobbler: Never Again

As a child, I had a huge fear of disappointing my parents.  I always tried to do the right thing, afraid of ever letting them down.  I distinctly remember my well thought out speech to them in 4th grade, outlining why I was choosing to quit the violin. [ Read More ]