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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Tic-Tac-Toe on Your Back


We had a long ride towards our annual family camping trip. The younger generations of my family decided to play Tic-Tac-Toe on their mom’s back. [ Read More ]

No TV, No Fun


As a working student back in college, I’ve been through almost all kinds of jobs you can find in the classified ads. I can say that being a cashier in a supermarket is one of the most fun experiences I ever had. Here’s one of the bizarre incidents I had… [ Read More ]

Tree Weasels [PODCAST]


Dan tells the epic story of having to deal with some tree weasels, AKA squirrels. Did Dan defeat the fury gang? Find out! [ Read More ]

We Are Not Nudists

funny things kids say

My family does not live on a nudist colony, as none of us are nudists. [ Read More ]

Self-Service Seagull


This ingenious seagull has taken up residence at a petrol station cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Buzzy, as the staff have named him, has learned how to open the automatic doors of the cafe, which he does in the hope of receiving tiny bits of nibbles from customers who are leaving. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Wool Socks, Zombies, Math, and More


Here are some of Smiles For All’s favorite tweets from this week! [ Read More ]

I Guess I Don’t Know My Own Strength

Bend, Oregon has some of the nicest mountain biking in the state. With miles upon miles of cross country trails, groomed downhill sections, and terrain parks, it’s any mountain biker’s dream. However, I am not a mountain biker. [ Read More ]



We were walking in Central Park and saw a middle-aged woman ostensibly struggling to take a photo of herself.  We asked if we could help.  [ Read More ]

A Heart-Warming Gift


Some five years ago, there was a visually impaired man wandering in front of a laundry shop. There was a notice of “Temporarily closed” on the door. [ Read More ]

This Statue Caught a Human


The MacRitchie Reservoir Park here in Singapore has some of the coolest sculptures lying around. This statue depicts a fish that just caught a human. [ Read More ]

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