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Smiles For All

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Tired Tuesday Presents*: Abram’s Tired Dog!

tired tuesday featured image

Tuesday, September 30, 2014– Today on Tired Tuesday… [ Read More ]

Let’s Hit the Greens [PODCAST]


Gregory tells the story of a wager he and his friend made during a round of golf. But Gregory would find out, he’d regret one single move for the rest of the game. [ Read More ]

Jeanne Robertson’s “Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store!” [VIDEO]

Our goal is to bring you funny true stories, however they cross our path.  We found this hysterical Jeanne Robertson clip on YouTube. The setup is fun, and we couldn’t stop laughing for the last few minutes. [ Read More ]

Doctor Visit [PODCAST]

Shelley tells us a few times she has had a good laugh while visiting the doctor. Laughter really is the best medicine! [ Read More ]

Microwave-Side Chat: Child Management [VIDEO]

Looking for a way to effectively manage your angelic teenager who sometimes doesn’t listen? The Big Milkshake shares three fail-proof methods in this Microwave-Side Chat! [ Read More ]

Weird Coffee [PODCAST]


Diane tells a funny true story about her sister having a cup of coffee at a Shriners Club with her dad. Why does the coffee taste so weird?! [ Read More ]

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

credit card

My daughter loves ice cream so much. This story happened when she was three, just a couple months after she first discovered the glory of ice cream. [ Read More ]

A Very Flexible Waitress

Attack Waitress

February 28, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, some time ago, I was in a coffee shop that featured the accompanying “Attack Waitress” sign.     [ Read More ]

My First Time

stand up

My First Time I had wanted to be a comedian since I was five years-old, but to get myself to do it for the first time, I needed a push. And so, I played a little trick on myself. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Twentysomethings, Peekaboo, and Eels Kissing Squash


What’s funny on twitter this week? Here’s some tweets that made us laugh! [ Read More ]