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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

A Winning Prerecorded Voicemail Greeting

prerecorded voicemail greeting

September 3, 2013 I just had the most wonderful Milkshake Moment courtesy of The Onion’s prerecorded voicemail greeting message.  If you have 26 seconds to spare, call their corporate HQs at 312-751-0503.  Listen to option 7 at the end of the message, and I am confident you too will enjoy a chuckle.  If you’d rather … [ Read More ]

Lazy Wipers Become Dryers


Are you ever in a pinch and in desperate need of drying your underwear? Fear not, here’s a creative solution! [ Read More ]

Gravity In A Nutshell


Phil delivers another cartoon that really shows us what this whole gravity thing is all about. [ Read More ]

The Booger Monster


Being a mother of four, I have become a self proclaimed “Super Mom.” Like the brave and heroic man of steel, I have battled plugged toilets, flu season, vomit, poo, and pretty much any other occurrence a child can produce. [ Read More ]

Valerie and Her Super Glasses [PODCAST]


Mary Ann tells the story of trying to get her daughter, Valerie, to wear glasses. Does Valerie embrace her new life in spectacles? [ Read More ]

The Amish Woman with the Victoria’s Secret Bag


I’m standing in line to get my lunch, and an Amish woman, wearing a solid-colored, blue dress with long sleeves, a full skirt and a white bonnet, walks by carrying a large Victoria’s Secret bag. [ Read More ]

The Substitute Foosball Player


One of the players of our foosball table got injured. Enter the clothesline clip as the substitute. [ Read More ]

Wait…Do I Believe in Magic?


I don’t remember a big, heartbreaking fall from innocence, but rather a casual nonchalance about Santa actually being my parents. NBD (No Big Deal), as long as they made with the presents each year! But there was one mystical being with which I couldn’t reconcile, and that was the Tooth Fairy. [ Read More ]

Rocking Chair Shortcut


I bought a do-it-yourself- rocking chair at the hardware store. When my nephew, Ryan, found out about it, he quickly volunteered to help me assemble it. After 3 hours, we finally gave up but he somehow found a way to get me a rocking chair. [ Read More ]

The Scariest Gym in Town


This photo was found during the week of Halloween on the window of what is undoubtedly the scariest gym in NYC.  While this guy does seem to actually be having a pretty good time, we wouldn’t be caught dead working out at this gym. PS.  We tip our hats to the playful, if not somewhat … [ Read More ]