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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Spring Is Just Around The Corner


It’s that time of year again, but don’t worry… Spring is just around the corner! [ Read More ]

Pay Forward Petrol [PODCAST]


Will tells the story of working the early morning shift at a petrol station. But one morning he’s not early enough! Did customers pump up and leave? [ Read More ]

Three Surprising Things That Won’t Kill Your Laptop


In the Thunderdome match between kids and electronics, only one will leave the dome. Sadly, that one will need a diaper change. [ Read More ]

Being Punctual Isn’t Always Good


My colleague, Nick, announced he was throwing a party to celebrate his recent promotion. The news delighted me as I had just bought a beautiful gown with my first paycheck. I was dying to wear it, and Nick’s party gave me the opportunity. [ Read More ]

Alan and His Cancer… A True Story of Hope and Optimism

While visiting Alan during his last battle (with cancer), I suggested it may be the right time for his memoirs. His eyes closed for a moment, and then he said, “I have the title – Cancer for Fun and Profit.” [ Read More ]

How Many Girls


Right after high school I got a job in a daycare helping take care of 5-6 year old kids. The job was an exhausting 9-7 but some moments with these kids made everything worthwhile. [ Read More ]

Pink Cadillac [PODCAST]


Randi G tells a funny true story about driving her radio station’s large, pink Cadillac. Amazing how much recognition radio DJ’s get! … right? [ Read More ]

Horse On A Roof


How did that horse get on the store’s roof? Actually, it’s a fake horse designed to attract customers to a saddle shop in Gilbert, Arizona. [ Read More ]

The Well-Digger

Along with all the message boards that popped up on AARP, I noticed one called, ”Mr. Fix-it”. This board consisted of a husband and wife team that answered all sorts of do-it-yourself questions that readers submitted. [ Read More ]

Gimme All the Leaves


I was walking on a sunny day in Autumn. I can just imagine that he’s inhaling all the leaves in the road. What a job! [ Read More ]

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