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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

My Step-Daughter’s Unexpected Passenger


My step-daughter, Elizabeth, is a nurse’s aid. She was on her way to work one day and stopped off at our house to drop off her children for me and my wife to watch while she worked her shift. We live on a 52-acre farm. [ Read More ]

Lost and Found

grocery bags

Ah, it feels good to get the grocery shopping done in no time. But when we arrived home and unloaded everything, we were missing two full grocery bags! Where could they be? [ Read More ]

Three Surprising Things That Won’t Kill Your Laptop


In the Thunderdome match between kids and electronics, only one will leave the dome. Sadly, that one will need a diaper change. [ Read More ]

Just in Case They Wanted to Call [PODCAST]


Pia and her kids travel Canada! But upon visiting a cemetery, Pia realizes she might have some explaining to do to her children. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: “If You’re Cooler Than Me…Does That Mean I Am Hotter Than You?”

J Lo

Today on Q&A Tuesday, we will try to make headway on Will’s extremely challenging question.  Will asks: [ Read More ]

Hamster Troubles


Abram’s nephew wrote him a letter asking for advice on buying the right hamster. Abram, being a hamster-expert, tried to guide his nephew the best he can. [ Read More ]

Pain Management Therapy


Carol finds out the most effective form of pain management and it’s a bit unconventional. [ Read More ]

The Hulk Played Golf


The is a photo of what must have happened while The Incredible Hulk played a game of golf. It doesn’t look like things went too smoothly. [ Read More ]

Not So Genius Idea


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It can make you look totally awesome. Hello, pumpkin-shaped cake for my daughter’s Halloween party. I got a lot of likes on that one. But it can also make you feel like a total idiot; ike the travel pillows for the car that fell apart and turned into … [ Read More ]

A Toast


Thanksgiving is a pretty straightforward holiday, right? But I was quite confused. This occasion was missing something I had been promised. The meal was satisfying, but I had been hyped up for something I had not seen amongst all the holiday goodies. I had questions! So, like my dad, I tapped my spoon on the side of my glass to get everyone’s attention. [ Read More ]