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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Blizzard Hazard


While we were stuck inside during a blizzard, we noticed on the TV screen a running list of public and religious school closings. The severity of the storm became apparent when the message read: “Gate of Heaven – Closed.” [ Read More ]

A Child’s Chivalry


“Ladies first” has been a phrase we have used determine to which of our boy/girl twins gets to do things first for quite a while. For instance, when I’ve been doing their hair and brushing their teeth in the morning, “Ladies first.” Or when I give them a snack, “Ladies first.” [ Read More ]

Woody Allen at the Carlyle

Last year, my friend asks me, “Do you want to go see Woody Allen perform?” He tells me that Allen performs at the Café Carlyle inside The Carlyle Hotel on Monday nights, and he can get us tickets; he said, “I know a guy”… [ Read More ]

Human Factory


This is a perfectly taken photo of a factory (a garment factory actually) creating yet another human. [ Read More ]

Uncle Jeremy’s Christmas Car


I remember Uncle Jeremy used to drive his Christmas-themed pick-up truck to our turf on Christmas. [ Read More ]

Aloof Loaf of Bread


I was disappointed in the quality of a high-priced loaf of bread I had purchased and wrote to the company to express my feelings. [ Read More ]


Back in the 40’s, on the west side of Chicago, us teenagers played “Relieveo,” a team version of hide-and-seek, and this usually included my friend, Jerry. [ Read More ]

Hammer Clutch


A friend of mine had a hammer for the clutch of his car. Never underestimate the power of the hammer! [ Read More ]

How I Met My Burger Sweetie


I was 9 years old and already in high school because I was just visiting one to see what it looked like. I guess I looked older than I was because they let me in. [ Read More ]

Can We Call This a Hammer?


My husband made this frankenfix to this hammer. I don’t know what to call this tool anymore. Any ideas? [ Read More ]