Protected: Smiles For All

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Microwave-Side Chat: Getting What You Want [PODCAST]


The Big Milkshake is going to teach YOU how to get what you want. It’s a simple trick that’s easy to learn! Don’t be alarmed if it involves receiving many calls for your bookie. [ Read More ]

Two Dollar Bills [PODCAST]

two dollar bills

Shelley tells some funny stories about her extended family, including her many cousins names and the consequences of holding onto two dollar bills! [ Read More ]

A Leak That Lasts A Lifetime


When I was around 7, my dad gained chocolate chip cookie points from my mom by fixing a leak in the loft quickly and without grumbling. All was well… until almost a decade later, when the ceiling began to drip again. [ Read More ]

Lasso’d [PODCAST]


Sean Bratton tells a funny true story about interviewing a championship rodeo competitor and trying to dip, duck, and dive out of his lasso. [ Read More ]

Thoughts of a Child


When my child Hannah was three she had her own way of looking at things. [ Read More ]

Daughter has Brains


Obviously, my daughter has brains and she’s using it as her strategy. [ Read More ]

The Ceiling is Falling! [VIDEO]

Lisa is babysitting while moms asleep upstairs…what could possibly go wrong? [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents*: Something We Can All Relate To

tired tuesday featured image

Tuesday, October 14, 2014– Today on Tired Tuesday… [ Read More ]

Now That’s a Good Impression [PODCAST]


Pia recalls the many jobs she has held in the past. One job in particular had an unforgettable funny moment! [ Read More ]

House Sitting Sister [PODCAST]


Leanna and her sister love playing practical jokes on each other. They’re always funny and harmless, but sometimes, they can have horrible timing. [ Read More ]

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