Protected: Smiles For All

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

The Three Good Samaritans


This day is one that will be etched in my memory.  Returning home from a chore, a yellow light flashed on my dashboard and a message said my air pressure was low in one of my tires. One more block and my left front tire went flat as a pancake. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Great Weekends & More


We compiled our favorite tweets from the long weekend in our weekly roundup [ Read More ]

Cheering for the Demise of Baldy

Star Trek

Robert was a die-hard Star Trek fan, and to admit the truth, so am I. If you’ve ever been to our condo and entered the “stereo room”, you’d see the walls covered with Star Trek movie posters and autographed pictures of Star Trek scenes. [ Read More ]

The Wait is Long for These Pets


This is a photo of my neighbor’s two dogs staring at the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Brilliant Business Idea

brilliant business idea

Leah came up with the bestest, most brilliant business idea ever! [ Read More ]

Hayrides and Mudslides

As a child, my family and I would take trips out to a farm to a pick pumpkins and ride a spooky hayride. One year I learned a valuable lesson about keeping my hands in the vehicle at all times. [ Read More ]

Multiple Choice Test: Phone, Insect, All of the Above, Neither?

pay phone 2

January 10, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, the other day, I felt like I was the victim of a multiple choice test. [ Read More ]

Free Pizza


Is there such a thing as free pizza? Look at this sign, there is! I LOVE PIZZA– Hey, wait a second… [ Read More ]

How A Little Girl Added Color To My Life

little girl

I had signed up to be a school volunteer and was helping a six-year-old girl with her homework. But it turned out I was the one in need of help. [ Read More ]

If The Shoe Fits


Recently, I had to attend a party. I pulled together an outfit and applied a bit of makeup to a face that rarely dons such. Shoes were an issue though. [ Read More ]