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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Teaching Middle School Geometry


My first year of “real teaching” found me in a 6th grade class – Middle School – where teachers age like the president  – teaching math. While I am proficient at math, it is not my favorite subject. [ Read More ]

Robin Hood Pays the Cable Bill

funny dream image

March 15, 2014– My Dearest Secret Diary.  Shrink Shake, an esteemed member of the Smiles For All Board of Amusement, shared this most unusual dream with me: [ Read More ]

Mario House


I found this house when visiting a friend in Foix. It’s painted to be Mario themed! [ Read More ]

Bacon Mushroom Ger!


The other day, I witnessed a fast-food chain’s staff meeting. The boss was furious. Somebody forgotten to put the burger inside of the hamburger buns. [ Read More ]

Never Too Much Gnocchi

I was the baby of a very, very Italian family. My mother was a tough woman with a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. She had thick, muscular arms from keeping the home; doing all the cleaning, child-rearing, and cooking. She cooked everything from scratch; from bread to pasta to pastries of all sorts. … [ Read More ]

Gas Got Expensive


This is a real amount that a fuel station tried to charge me for fuel in western New York. I know gas prices have gone up, but this is ridiculous! [ Read More ]

The Three Stooges Practice Medicine… Literally!

Three Stooges

True story – I did a rotation as a medical resident with a Dr. Kerley. [ Read More ]

The Three Little Pigs

three little pigs

The Three Little Pigs have been part of all our childhood memories. So I was happy to get ahold of the book that my mom used to read to me as a kid. The fact that I would be reading the same book to my first born made me excited. [ Read More ]

I Danced With Brooke Shields!! [VIDEO]

Ivan Jenson tells the hilarious true story of the night he danced with Brooke Shields at a trendy downtown New York City night club called Rex. Art, European disco, coleslaw and sushi… this is a story you don’t want to miss! [ Read More ]

Free Wifi


I found this free wifi sign on campus. To be exact, in Faculty of Science and Mathematics building. [ Read More ]

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