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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Just in Case They Wanted to Call [PODCAST]


Pia and her kids travel Canada! But upon visiting a cemetery, Pia realizes she might have some explaining to do to her children. [ Read More ]

Kissing The Door [PODCAST]


Diane tells a funny true story about rushing to the showroom when she worked for a bedding company.  In her haste to push through the heavy wood doors to the showroom, she made quite the “impression”. [ Read More ]

A Fair Share of Cheese


We had a frozen pizza defect. We all know that each family member has an equal right to cheese consumption, so here’s my solution. Problem solved! [ Read More ]

Grits: A Family Dish


A family tries out grits for the first time and had a great time! But after a bit of fun with their new favorite food, they were in for a surprise. [ Read More ]

I Can See Your Future Son


This is my 3 year old son. He always watches me fix the car and is picking up some tricks of his own! [ Read More ]


Just as our section was called to board the plane, I walked over to throw away my gum….and that’s when it started. [ Read More ]

What’s the Opposite of Easy Street?

I risked being spotted on “Loser Ave” in Bridgewater, NJ just to get this picture. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part II: Trying to Read With (Or Without) Your Cat


Have you ever been in your bed under the covers with your cats lying nearby and picked up a book you have been dying to read but just couldn’t get to? Do you try to ignore that glint in your cat’s eye that says: “Mommy’s here. Let’s boogie?” If the answer to these two questions is … [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: How Can I be Taller?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Angus as takes us in the opposite direction of last week’s question, “How I can I be shorter?” with [ Read More ]

My Mother’s Innocence


At one stop on their road trip, my Mom went to use the restroom but the ‘Ladies’ room was out of order. Dad stepped up to the plate, checked the Men’s room for occupants, and told Mom “go ahead and use the Men’s – I’ll guard the door!” [ Read More ]