Protected: Smiles For All

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Share a Salad With a Stranger

I recently attended my friend Sandi’s short film screening on the lower west side. Before the screening started she invited me to go out to Patsy’s, a pizza place, for pizza and beer after the screening was over. “Who all is coming?” I asked. “A few friends.” She said. [ Read More ]

Waiting in Line [VIDEO]

Mark never appreciated waiting in line until a trip to Cuba. Find out what changed his mind! [ Read More ]

Mosquitoes, A Can of Raid, and Bonnie’s Wedding Day


It had been a very hot summer that year. My particular neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, was for some reason plagued by mosquitoes that were unusually large and very fond of human flesh. [ Read More ]

Biker Plants


When I was in Italy, I found this funny plant landscape. These plants really know how to exercise! [ Read More ]

Say It With Flowers!


Phil plans on presenting flowers to his daughter for her graduation. But such a simple task gradually turns into the most complex task yet! [ Read More ]

The Day an Armadillo Ripped My Pants

As an animal educator for the past 5 years, I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments with animals. However, it was the day that Allegro, the three-banded armadillo, caused me to rip my pants that sticks out as the funniest.  [ Read More ]

That Awkward Time I Was the Only One Naked


Back when I was a teenager there was a local swimming hole we use to go to called “The Rez”. [ Read More ]

Clutter: A House Multiplied Against Itself Cannot Divide, Much Less Stand


Is your house a mess because there is no place for anything and nothing is in its place? Do you have trouble finding even yourself there on occasion? Read on for some empathy, and hopefully a few laughs as well. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Twentysomethings, Peekaboo, and Eels Kissing Squash


What’s funny on twitter this week? Here’s some tweets that made us laugh! [ Read More ]

The Swim Race [VIDEO]

Sandi Marx tells the hilarious story of a swim race that she didn’t quite feel ready for. She may have lost but her daughters being there made her a winner. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All