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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

“All Rise” Means All Rise!

all rise

  Dear Secret Diary, when the judge enters and the court clerk says, “All Rise,” all rise.  I  believe this gesture of respect for judges is appropriate… on all occasions.  The other night, I was watching a crime show on TV with my wife.  The judge entered the courtroom, and the clerk said, “All rise.” … [ Read More ]

Jon the ATM


A former boss of mine, Brian, was shooting a commercial for, and he asked if I could help out.  As a graduate fresh out of film school, I jumped at the opportunity.  The lead actress’s name, for the purposes of this story, was Emma Encore.  (And if you think that’s crazy, her actual name was … [ Read More ]

Who’s Bringin’ the Beano?

I have a similar story to the Anacin story posted on this website.  Prior to meeting my husband, Jim, he was invited to a dinner party where everyone was asked to bring something. He was asked to bring the “Beano” and dessert. My husband thought this was odd, but just assumed someone was bringing a … [ Read More ]

Elf On The Shelf [PODCAST]


On Christmas Day, Mary Ann helps an elf in peril! [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Tree Skirts, Babies, Cookies & Gasoline


Check out some of the tweets that got us giggling this week! [ Read More ]

Helium Helper


The janitor in my workplace always takes Mr. Helium to help him clean the place. [ Read More ]

Watching Television With Your Cat


Watching your favorite television show with a kitty or kitties by your side can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a variety show all by itself. The problem in my house is the large sofa upon which television viewers with both two and four legs sit. [ Read More ]

Cause For Alarm


When I was a teenager, (back in the days when Abraham Lincoln was president) my father often thought it was funny to plant little surprises in my pocketbook for me to discover at inopportune moments. I was used to that, and a search for anything in my purse often resulted in a sort of gestalt … [ Read More ]

Lions, Tigers, and Government Workers, Oh My!


If the government shuts down, who will feed the animals? [ Read More ]

Dinner Dilemma

My five-year-old daughter was not picking up his toys while I was preparing dinner as I had asked her. [ Read More ]

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