Just Why Did I Call My Accountant?

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Dear Secret Diary, I just called our accountant and left him the following voice-mail.  “Joe (not his real name), I have a tax question for you.”  Realizing that it was unnecessary to specify that my question for the taxman was a tax one, I awkwardly added”…as if I would be calling you with an astrological question.”  Duh.  Of course when he calls back, I now feel I have no choice but to ask him to read my fortune.  Hopefully, he won’t tell me…”You will be audited by the IRS.”


(Photo: “Zodiac 12 Stars” by MR. LIGHTMAN/www.freeditialphotos.net)

  • Larry Samoa

    Horoscope, they serve the same purpose as your accountant anyways.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      LOL. They might be more useful. The accountants tell us about the past, which we already know about. The horoscope speaks of the future, and might every so often be right!!!!

  • Call Me Hecky

    What? You didn’t read that he is an astrologist when he gave you his resume?

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