Who’s Smartest in the Family?


I was at my cousin’s place. I think the dog is the smartest in the family.

  • ASMs

    You got me rolling on floor so hard on this one!

  • Call Me Hecky

    This photo = PRICELESS!!11!!

    • Mr. Danshov


  • Arch

    The dog kept it real.

  • Lorrie Loves Math

    Thought the dog is watching on a separate TV!

    • Happy Egg Man

      The dog’s TV looks more HD in my opinion.

  • AlpacaLover <3

    Smart pooch!

  • Guess what? The smartest one is that Cat who took this photo.

    • Tiara3434

      What a plot twist!

    • Mind blowing cold hard facts!

  • Waldy Est.

    O’ the digital age.

Smiles For All