What Happened When I Told My Mom About My “D” On The Math Test

DonMathTestI came home one day from school in 5th or 6th grade and announced to my mom, “I got a ‘D’ on my math test!”  She said with a smile “Congratulations!”  My mom had a friend visiting whose jaw dropped in shock while witnessing the exchange.

My mom explained to her friend that compared to the traditional A, B, C, D, F grade system, my school was then using a system whereby

D= Distinction
H= Honors
S= Satisfactory
P= Pass
F= F

Needless to say, this grading system was abandoned not too long thereafter.

  • I wish I knew about this system when I was younger…

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Why? Would you have tried to see your parents that your grades were better than they were?

  • michael Oshins

    Geez. Turns out I was a top notch student in grade school then. Thanks Milkshake!

    Ha ha. Great story. I love how F=F.

    • That’s what I said!! F is just… F.

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