What Kept Me Smiling


At elementary school, I told my friend that if she wants to get her hair straight, she needs to soak her hair in hot water and go to bed without drying the hair.

She easily believed silly things I’d say. The following day she came to school with fluffy hair just like a lion.

At high school, she said she loved boiled eggs. So I suggested using microwave to cook. The following day, she got furious at me. The egg literally exploded into pieces inside the microwave.

It was so fun to prank her.

In 2001, I told her how happy she will be if she gets the same house and surname as me.
She was easily wheedled that time as well.

Even now I just can’t help smiling whenever I think of it.

(photo courtesy of Pavel Losevsky/Dreamstime.com)

Smiles For All