Unique Cemetery


We love to visit cemeteries throughout the country (yes, we’re weird like that).

You never know whose grave you will come upon and most are quiet and serene park like settings. This cemetery was outside a granite quarry in New Hampshire. Almost all of the headstones were unique, but this one was really something.

  • vanessa3

    Nice car!

  • AlpacaLover <3

    Can you bury me beside that?

    • Mr. Danshov

      Like, right now?

  • Vincy R.

    Charles your habit is one of a kind.

  • Maybe he was a racer, a mechanic, or a CAR.

    • Big Joe Joe

      Car sounds right and reasonable

  • Should’ve been Ferrari.

  • Mias

    Just look at the details of that sculpture. This person is well-loved.

Smiles For All