The Trigger Happy Life Lesson

It’s definitely a lot easier and faster to send money than goods when you’re working overseas. And for a change, I decided to send money instead of toys to my young relatives this Christmas.

A week later, I mailed my nephew to ask what did he bought with the money.

He replied, “I learned a lesson uncle, I’ll never be to impulsive and I’ll take more time to think before I act. Thank you and I miss you!” Along with this pic.

I wasn’t upset at all. In fact, it gave me a smile to wear the whole day. I guess a life lesson is still worth the gift right?

  • Dmitry Messo

    OUCH! Dude, that looks painful!

  • MariCone

    Those 4 notes though. I hope some tape can fix this.

  • That one tough life lesson///

  • Mr. Danshov

    Never send money!

  • The good news is that his Christmas was ruined.

  • Call Me Hecky

    Imagine how bummed he was that day.

Smiles For All