Strange Taste In A Strange Land


With a keen eye for the weird, I spotted this strange menu item at a local restaurant in Prague, CZ.  Turns out “Strange Taste Chicken” is a popular Szechuan dish.  Apparently, it tastes like sesame sauce and is actually really tasty!  No word on the “fish-flavored chicken” though…

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  • Guest

    I think I saw the westernized version of that on 83rd street…

  • How did they made it taste like a fish? Did they raise the chicken on water along with the fishes? So many questions, I need to take another dose of my headache medication.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Where here to challenge Isabelle. Glad we’re doing our job.

    • Call Me Hecky

      I’m imagining them like having a scuba gear each chick? Let’s talk about how expensive to raise one.

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  • Fish flavored chicken? How did they raise those? I’m imagining them putting those chickens in a scuba gear and let them live in the ocean to taste like fish when they grow up.

  • 8Bros.

    Look at the “Strange taste chicken” just above. Now that’s a mystery.

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