Snacks Around the World


Baked bacon cheese with seaweed. Finally, a flavor that combines my favorite major food groups: meat, dairy, and macroscopic multicellular benthic marine algae!



If you want to take someone on a fancy date, try sitting on a futon and splitting a bag of Manhattan Rib-Eye Steak potato chips. It’s a great way to do away with the boring parts of the date like waiters and actual steak. And you can add in way more exciting things, like sodium!



“Once you pop the fun don’t stop!” Personally, I always thought this Pringles slogan applied to both Pringles AND seaweed. So this is a match made in flavor-Heaven.



Sometimes I’m eating some chicken Parmesan and all I can think about is how there is ZERO python fat. Now that problem is solved with 20 gram boxes of Fat of Python.



Don’t like snake venom? Many of us don’t. But what if you had add a splash of deadly venom to cream? Still not sold? Too bad, it’s all we have to eat.



Poisson is actually French for fish. But this make it difficult to tell if a French chef is serving you a nice dish or trying to harm you.

All jokes aside, it’s fun to see exciting versions of food we see every day.

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  • You can’t get enough of seaweed here///

  • SMDia

    Makes me want to travel or just… eat.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      SMDia, everything makes me want to eat.

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