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If you’re like us, you may have been taught how to share when you were a little kid. Share your toys, share the remote, share your cake (who wants to share cake?). Well, sharing your funny story is different, because it doesn’t involve actually giving up anything. It’s just about spreading laughter through funny things you experienced or did; a funny video, podcast, or picture; or even a funny idea. You might help one person to a laugh, you might help two, or you might even help millions! Sound good?

Start by filling in your name or username, however you prefer to be authored. Also, we ask you to provide your email in case we need to communicate with you regarding your story. If you have a title or brief description that you feel is specific to your submission, you can put it in the subject box.

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First, please share your stories that are true to the best of your recollection. If you prefer to change certain details for privacy reasons, of course that is okay. Please don’t pass along a tall tale, a canned joke, or a fake photo or video (except to accompany your submission as described in Frequently Asked Questions). While these things can be hysterical, our focus is on the funny and true things that happen in every-day life (or could happen in everyday life- we’d love to hear your ideas for creating more Milkshake Moments!)

Second, given the nature of humor, we recognize no individual story can appeal to everybody. Therefore, we ask that you avoid stories and other submissions with a negative tone, those that make fun of others, or those that might offend others. Thank you in advance for doing everything you can to help keep a “Good News” site that celebrates people and the funnier side of life.

If your (written) story is selected, we reserve the right to make edits. Please see our Terms of Use and Frequently Asked Questions for other important information and details.

Finally, we would be bummed if any unanswered question kept you from submitting your story. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.


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