The Post Office Let Me Down in My Time of Need

Post Office

February 1, 2014– Dear my most beloved Secret Diary.  I like the folks at our neighborhood post office, and they always do a nice job.  However during my visit there the other day, they let me down in my time of need.

The temperature was in the mid-teens, but the wind-chill made it feel ten degrees cooler.  Also, I was thirsty.  When it was my turn, the woman behind the counter and I exchanged words:

Woman: How can I help you?

Me: I’d like a hot chocolate.

She laughed.

Woman: I can’t help you with that.  But there is a Dunkin Donuts down the block where you can get one.  Bring me back one will yah?

Bummer…but I’d like to think if I wasn’t late to meet somebody, I would have done just that and helped her (and me) out in our time of need!

  • MariCone

    I always had a little resentment on post offices even before email went wild.

    In fact, I once wrote a letter to the local postmaster on ways to improve mail service. It got lost.

    But they’re good people.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      That’s hysterical!!!!! They are good folks. I always seem to have a good experience, except this one time.

    • Vincy R.

      LOL at the letter that got lost.

Smiles For All