Portion Control: Her Idea and Mine

portion controlDear Secret Diary– Chocolate Malt Shake (my wife) were talking the other day and discovered portion control means something different to each of us.

Chocolate Malt Shake said out of the blue: “Portion control is key to weight loss.”

The Big Milkshake (after a brief moment of reflection): “My idea of portion control is to limit myself to what is on my plate and in the house.”

  • My dad always told me, “you can’t get fat in a day.” That’s my motto, every day.

  • TheBigMilkshake


  • Garlic Shake

    If there are restaurant delivery menus in the house, would that mean that infinite quantities of all items on all of the menus are deemed to be “in the house”? REALLY glad I didn’t throw out those menus!!!!!!

  • Brass Curve Bloke

    Skimp on food, skimp on your life. -my motto

  • Naprah got ur Breakfast

    If only fat can be transferred from person to person granted that both parties have agreed.

Smiles For All