Microwave-Side Chat: 3 Steps To Get Your Teen to Pull Up Their “Low Riding Pants” [VIDEO]

For today’s Microwave-Side Chat, The Big Milkshake’s shares his thoughts on how you can persuade your teen to pull up their pesky “low riding pants”.

  • TheBigMilkshake

    Someone explained to me that young folks wear their pants low as a fashion statement, middle-age folks wear them the right way so as not to stick out, and older folks wear them hi as they (the people, not pants)

    are shrinking…

  • The small soda

    Fun but with a great message for many situations

  • I Beliebe in 1D

    Great ideas! Im gonna tell my parents to do that right now! (btw: it’s my brother who wears his pants low…he’s a teen…) I’m watching the video to get the knowledge for my parents then inform them on it. 😛

  • AlpacaLover <3

    I’m still in shock……..

    • TheBigMilkshake

      So are the teenagers.

  • ASMs

    Well we better need more than 3 solutions on that topic as it is still a persisting problemo todayo!

  • Happy Egg Man

    I sometimes daydream a world without low riding pants.

Smiles For All