Microwave-Side Chat: Cross Training For Dummies [VIDEO]

The Big Milkshake has an intense cross training work out to get you in the best (or worst?) shape of your life.

Music and Sound:

Motivator – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Cinematic Eagle Cry – thecluegeek (freesound.org)
Cat Scream – wrzesien (freesound.org)
Crow – vixuxx (freesound.org)

  • Kick box Mom

    BIG milk shake! Where have you been all my life? Will you be my personal trainer?! I like your thoughts and techniques ! Wait a minute, while I finish my piece of pumpkin pie!!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      LOL. Yes I will Kick Box Mom. Love your handle and style. By the way, don’t forget to throw a bunch of whipped cream on that pumpkin pie there. Keeps the arteries and veins working too!

  • Dmitry Messo

    How can I enroll to your class?

    • TheBigMilkshake

      LOL. The video is the class Dmitry. It’s all we got.

  • This workout rulezzzzzzzz///

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Thanks OblongOrange. It better rulezzzz, because I spent 3 years in a monastery working out all the kinks. Most important, I take it you have been trying it, and it works as well for you as it does for me.

  • Big Joe Joe

    No one does i better than the milkshake

  • Lorrie Loves Math

    I never knew that upper body workout is all I need!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Pretty simple stuff when you get right down to it.

  • DeliriousHHH

    Look at those foods!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Indeed DeliriousHHH, the after-party was the best.

  • Vincy R.

    Are you serious Milkshake? This is how you get fit?

    • TheBigMilkshake

      It’s the basics anyway. I didn’t demonstrate the technique for cutting a piece of pie, which comes at fine motor development a different way, and combines both developing the core and fine motor development into one session. But that’s pretty advanced stuff.

      • MariCone

        There’s science behind everything right? You’re a genius!

        • TheBigMilkshake

          You bet MariCone… no voodoo here

  • MariCone

    From a couch potato, to an athlete. This is a wake up call for me!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      You made my day MariCone

  • The Real Fred

    Is this for real? Mind boggling.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Indeed. But you know what they say, The Real Fred, you should confer with your Dr. before commencing any exercise program.

  • Lisa

    What am I watching? This can’t be true?!?!?!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Hi Lisa. 🙂

  • Will De Jong

    I almost fell on the floor watching you!

  • Lin

    My head exploded….

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Lin, that’s not supposed to happen. Tell me exactly, step by step, what you did.

Smiles For All