How I Met My Burger Sweetie


I was 9 years old and already in high school because I was just visiting one to see what it looked like. I guess I looked older than I was because they let me in. Anyway, somehow I stumbled in at the right time, it was lunch time! I had left my middle school that was literally 5 steps away to sneak a peek at what the highschoolers were eating!

I made the lunch line and it all looked pretty gross. There was spinach, broccoli, salads but NO burgers. I couldn’t believe it! I thought that maybe the high school would have the BEST food but I was wrong. So I walked around the cafeteria with a plate full of spinach and sat by myself in front of a boy with a cool looking lunchbox. As I was eating my spinach I noticed he was taking some pretty great stuff out of his lunchbox. First he took out a bag of white cheddar popcorn, then he took out a small chocolate bar, and finally a HUGE plastic container. I pretended not to be looking but I couldn’t stop myself because what he was taking out was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: A GOURMET CHEESEBURGER MADE BY HIS MOM. He saw me staring at him and asked if I wanted a bite. “My mom made it for me,” he said. I couldn’t believe this stranger was offering me a bite of the most beautiful burger I had EVER seen. I said okay and he let me take a huge bite of the burger. I was in heaven. I thought I should probably run away before someone caught me. Immediately after biting the burger I excused myself to the bathroom and walked back to my middle school.

No one had noticed that I had left because I left during Arts and Crafts hour. But I knew that I did and that’s all that mattered. Well, that and the remnants of burger left in my mouth. YUM!

(photo courtesy of Hein Teh/

Smiles For All