Joanne has had a long day full of really hard work. Right when she tried to relax she finds out that somehow, a banana got in the dryer. But how?!

Ma, There’s a Banana in the Dryer


After a very busy day of driving my kids to their respective destinations, doing the grocery shopping, attempting to do four loads of laundry, cooking dinner and doing everything else anyone could muster up for me to do that day, I decided to take the rest of the night off and relax with my husband watching TV in the den. Just as I felt the lull of my muscles relaxing putting me almost into a stupor, I heard my oldest son yell from the kitchen, “Ma, there’s a banana in the dryer”. Had I heard right or were my ears deceiving me? Maybe it wasn’t my son after all; maybe it was the comedian we were watching on TV that I heard. After all, he was quite funny and this couldn’t have been any funnier to me at the moment. How could a banana get into someone’s dryer I asked myself. I listened carefully and once again I heard a high disturbing cry from the kitchen. “Ma, did you hear me, there’s a banana in the dryer. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh or take cover.

I immediately got up from the couch and proceeded to the kitchen. One look at my son who seemed to be in a state of bewilderment told me, this was for real. I opened the dryer and looked in. What I saw was a black mass of banana goop all over my clothes and new dryer. It seems that in my exhaustion, I had forgotten to put the last load of laundry into the dryer and left it on the counter. My son who needed his blue shirt that was sitting in the pile of wet clothes decided that he would put the clothes in to dry. Scooping up the clothes, he had also scooped up a single banana living all alone on my counter.

Now that I think of it, I do remember that banana causing havoc in my kitchen for the last couple of days. The twins who had bright red hair and were very mischievous decided to use it as a fake gun one day and run around the house shooting each other until one of them bumped into the dining room table causing grandma’s antique vase full of flowers to crash to the ground into a million pieces. How would I ever explain the loss of that beautiful vase to her. Also, there was the day that the dog jumped up to the counter trying to eat the banana and knocked the blueberry pie I had just baked onto the floor. Oh what a mess that was. Oh and did I mention all the fruit flies that have been hovering about in my kitchen for the last few days. As it was in a state of over ripeness, no one wanted to eat the banana so it just hung around on the counter being moved back and forth from one place to another until that fateful day when it landed underneath the clean wet clothes.

Why oh why didn’t I throw that nasty banana out I asked myself over and over. Anyway, I thought I had better do something fast to clean up that black mess living in my dryer so I pulled all the clothes out and threw them into the washing machine and then grabbed a wet towel and began scrubbing like I had never scrubbed before. As I worked through that abominable mess, I howled with laughter as I thought about the havoc one single over ripe banana had caused in my home.

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