Little League Baseball In A Nutshell

little league baseball players are small and cuteMy youngest son was eight years old when he earned a spot on his first travel baseball team. He and his teammates were so proud to be able to wear their last names on their shirts — just like the pros.  I was walking by the opponent’s bench at one of their first games, thinking about how tiny and adorable our little men were. Then I saw this. They read my mind!


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  • Dmitry Messo

    That’s cute! and small too!

  • Wraps up little league baseball.

  • Lei

    Concise, thorough, honest, and valid point.

    • TheBigMilkshake


  • Clarisse

    You can never get players with surnames like that on MLB.

    • Mr. Danshov


  • Xin

    I never heard of a surname Cute.

  • Josei

    Too funny.

  • High-Grade Toss

    fastforward 25 years after they’re both Old and Not So Cute Anymore.

  • Happy Egg Man

    Is “Cute” a legit surname? That’s quite way too cute for a surname.

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