How Full is Your Wine Glass?

Glass Not half-full

January 18, 2014– My Dear Secret Diary, as I age, I am trying harder and harder to be an optimist.

But I was served this glass of wine at a birthday party last week; and hard as I might try, there’s no way I can see this glass as half full.

(Post-Postscript: After this post went up, my colleague Emily noted in the comment area below: “I would say [the glass is] 3/4 full of air.)

  • I would say it’s 3/4 full of air.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Fair point. Actually, more like 4/5 full of air.

  • Casey

    I would say it’s a tease!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Maybe, but in truth it was still too much for me.

  • I try not to whine about wine

    This actually made me laugh out loud. Having the “value shopper” mentality, I would rather a small glass filled to the top with wine, instead of a big glass, partially filled. (in this case, very “partially” filled). But having said that, better something than nothing.. bottoms up.. and find that waitress for second glass..

    • TheBigMilkshake

      LOL. Great pun!!! And I’m always looking for something to whine about!

  • Zinga

    I believe alcohol these days evaporates really quick!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      LOL. Thanks Zinga for a great insight!!!!

  • Ricks

    Looks like they took that from another table who had just finished dining.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Never thought of that Ricks… Interesting thought.

  • If you drive then that’s more than full.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      Guess that’s right

  • Call Me Hecky

    The other 3/4ths are gaseous wine.

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