Get It Right Next Time!

MD PerfectIn life, sometimes someone hands you the perfect line and you come up with the perfect retort, one that you will always remember!

My background: I am the eldest of 3 boys, about 2 years apart. I was the classic over-achiever, and my brothers had to suffer listening to the stories about my academic and athletic achievements throughout their schooling.  Now, I’m a practicing doctor.

My middle brother, ”Agent Andy” and I had the following conversation one day:

AA: ”Yeah, Larry, you’re just ”Mr. Perfect”.
Me: ”That’s DOCTOR Perfect!”

One does not often have the opportunity to have such a perfect line…..


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  • TheBigMilkshake

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Yeah, the opportunity to have such a perfect line is special. I need to take better advantage of them when they happen 🙁 :-)!

  • What a PERFECT come back from such a PERFECT person. Must be hard, always being perfect.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      It is

Smiles For All