Dancing in the Elevator [VIDEO]

While on a family vacation, Michelle and her brother make the most of their elevator trips with some dancing. Does anyone get to see their great elevator dance-moves?

  • Big Joe Joe

    Thank god we got CCTVs

  • Vincy R.

    You and your brother… CRAZY!

  • MariCone

    I do that all the time, the elevator at our office plays club music!

  • Charlie Ray

    That’s a GREAT story! Easily the best I have ever heard here on the web site. Very funny and sweet story — thanks for sharing.

    • TheBigMilkshake

      It is amazing, just amazing, isn’t????

  • Mr. Danshov

    I just went hysterical at your story!

  • Dmitry Messo

    This is too funny for me!!

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