Daddy Elvis Cleans the Swimming Pool


It was 1963, an era when each and every summer all self-respecting American families were obliged to climb into the battleship Caddy, mom and dad in the front, kids in the back, and to spend two interminable weeks together on vacation. My dad always drove. [ Read More ]

Persistent Caller


Listening to our local radio station, I heard the DJ announce a contest for a vacation trip for two, which would go to the fifth caller. [ Read More ]

Riding Roller Coasters

roller coasters

Sean Bratton tells a funny true story about riding the roller coasters at Cedar Point on Media Day. [ Read More ]

Loco Gringo


The setting for this story is Ixtapa, Mexico on one of our infrequent vacations. I was told to be very careful of the treacherous undertow but daredevil that I am, I paid no heed to this. [ Read More ]

Dog Flier


Local flight from Altenrhein to Basel, Switzerland. The dog sitting in front of me behaved well the entire flight. [ Read More ]

Moonshine On Airplanes?

I have never had a taste of moonshine. As best I know, I don’t think anybody I know has ever had moonshine. Well, as you can imagine, things couldn’t just continue this way. Something had to give. [ Read More ]

A 3 Hour Snorkeling Tour [PODCAST]


Chocolate Malt Shake (The Big Milkshake’s wife) and he go on a 3 hour snorkeling tour.  Or at least they try to. [ Read More ]

Flushing Caution


I was in Belebey, Russia when I found this hilarious caution on the toilet seat cover of the hotel I stayed at. [ Read More ]

A Bathroom in Thailand

I have always been a fan of funny phrases lost in translation. Towards the end of my journey to Khao Sok, Thailand, I got sea-sick on the boat and when I came out of the bathroom I noticed this sign posted overhead, it just summed up that day in Thailand perfectly! [ Read More ]

Down The Hatch…


“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All