How NOT To Win And Influence Girls


You know when someone starts a story off by saying “there was this girl” it is going to end badly. [ Read More ]

Not Par for the Course


Several years ago, good friends of the family purchased a beautiful home in a secluded, wooded area in northern Michigan. They had a nice big backyard, beyond which was the 17th hole of a famous golf course. [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents: Exhausted Emoticon *

Exhuasted Emoticon

We’d be exhausted too if we had to carry around a tongue this big!  Ugh. [ Read More ]

A Day with Bikram Yoga


I confidently stride into the room, unaware that my short employment stint at a fitness center could never fully prepare me for playing twister in a tropical rain forest. [ Read More ]

Mt. Fuji, Japan


Right before my outfit went to Korea we trained at the base of Mount Fuji.  I could never figure out why this locale was picked for us to train, because we never went up that mountain.  [ Read More ]

Football and The Talk

When my son was seven years old, he was already an avid competitor in multiple sports and was now entering the realm of fully-padded tackle football. [ Read More ]

Best Bike Ride Ever


I could never stay out of trouble when I was a kid. I was constantly tinkering with radios, lawn mowers, or whatever was held together with screws. I loved taking things apart to see how they worked. Unfortunately, like the guy who smacks bulls, I had to learn the hard way how many of my … [ Read More ]

The Scariest Gym in Town


This photo was found during the week of Halloween on the window of what is undoubtedly the scariest gym in NYC.  While this guy does seem to actually be having a pretty good time, we wouldn’t be caught dead working out at this gym. PS.  We tip our hats to the playful, if not somewhat … [ Read More ]

My New Extreme Sport


As my 50th birthday approached, I decided to do something adventurous, like sky diving. I was parking at the library and noticed a bumper sticker on the care next to mine. [ Read More ]

The Whopper


My wife, Gloria, is not exactly a fishing fanatic but nevertheless, she does get a large charge when I entice her to dip her pole in the water.  Her claim to fame is this story she has told me a zillion times… [ Read More ]

Smiles For All