Naturally Gifted Runner


I have never been much of a long distance runner… actually it was safe to say I hated running. But when I used my husband’s tech device to track my runs I started thinking, ‘Wow, I may be a naturally gifted runner!’ [ Read More ]

The Cool Equation

belly dance

At 23 (and 3/4) years old, I am legally and socially seen as an adult.  But I don’t feel like an adult.  In fact, I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking adults are so boring and uncool…. how could I have all of a sudden become one? [ Read More ]

O-Man Junior Plays Soccer [PODCAST]


Will tells the touching story of his childhood friend, Ollie, going from bench-warmer to MVP during a game of soccer. [ Read More ]

I Guess I Don’t Know My Own Strength

Bend, Oregon has some of the nicest mountain biking in the state. With miles upon miles of cross country trails, groomed downhill sections, and terrain parks, it’s any mountain biker’s dream. However, I am not a mountain biker. [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents: The Big Milkshake *

Tired Tuesday Photo

The Big Milkshake knows how to handle Tuesday. [ Read More ]

Faulty Cheerleader Pyramid [PODCAST]


Diane tells the story of being a cheerleader in high school. Everything is going fine until one pyramid formation goes awry! [ Read More ]

Police Unity Tour

A man takes part in the Police Unity Tour, a fundraising bicycle tour. Having never taken part in a tour before, he has quite the challenge ahead. [ Read More ]

Why My Kids Will Play Baseball With a Tennis Ball

When I was a preteen, my summers were spent outside playing sports. I had the biggest backyard in the neighborhood, so I would often host nightly baseball, kickball, and football games. My parents were fully supportive of it- going out of their way to buy weighted rubber bases instead of using super-light frisbees that kept … [ Read More ]

A 3 Hour Snorkeling Tour [PODCAST]


Chocolate Malt Shake (The Big Milkshake’s wife) and he go on a 3 hour snorkeling tour.  Or at least they try to. [ Read More ]

Gee, Thanks for the Help


At our golf club, members enter their scores on a computer after each round they play. Following a particularly frustrating game, I inadvertently entered a score higher than it actually was. I was trying to correct the error when our golf pro walked by. “How can I fix this score?” I complained. “Lessons!” he replied. … [ Read More ]

Smiles For All