Tell a Story: My Crush [VIDEO]

Colin tells the story of taking his high school crush out to lunch! [ Read More ]

The Quiz Will Be Waiting


Todd remembers one of his favorite students. Unfortunately the student had to change schools, but one day, Todd gets a visit! [ Read More ]

Tofu, Anyone?


A classmate and I were discussing some frustrations of dorm life at my university in the Netherlands. High on my list was the difficulty of keeping others from eating ice cream I’d stored in the dorm’s refrigerator. [ Read More ]

Young Love


Madeline Mayo and I weren’t just in love. No, all the stars and the heavens had aligned for us. [ Read More ]

Faulty Cheerleader Pyramid [PODCAST]


Diane tells the story of being a cheerleader in high school. Everything is going fine until one pyramid formation goes awry! [ Read More ]

My Love Story in a Nutshell


I had proposed to a neighborhood boy when I was little. But he teased me by telling everyone about it for the next 6 years of elementary school. [ Read More ]

Almost Courageous [PODCAST]


As a teacher, Lorrie understands the student’s struggle when it comes to test-taking. But wait till you hear her son’s test story! [ Read More ]

School Children


When I taught English at the middle school level, I announced to one of my classes that our spring holiday break would commence that Friday. [ Read More ]

How To Eat Potatoes [PODCAST]


Tina tells a funny true story about when she visited kindergardeners during their annual Thanksgiving feast.  Upon asking the kids what their favorite foods were, she got an answer from one little boy that was not what she was expecting. [ Read More ]

Plumbing the Depths


I was never comfortable swimming, but underwater I was a poor man’s Jacque Cousteau. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All