Visual Aids For Real


The first assignment in our speech class back in school was to demonstrate something using visual aids. [ Read More ]

When Math Meets History Meets… The Field Trip Chaperone

When I was in third grade my class went on a bunch of field trips. Honestly, I’m not sure how they were justified. For example, we were studying the rainforest and so we went to The Rainforest Café. [ Read More ]

How My Son Became a Meteorologist [PODCAST]


Everyone has there own special career path. Lorrie tells the story of her own and how her son decided on being a meteorologist. [ Read More ]

What Does Harold Prince, Bicycles, and Camping Out Have In Common?

Midsummer Night's Dream

College days usually mean studying, fun, and adventurous frat parties. Those of us studying theater at the Art Conservatory at Purchase College had plenty of fun and adventure along with our studies– but not in the conventional college manner. [ Read More ]

Two Girls And A School


A first time visit to my home by a friend and his family who recently moved into the city brought together the two most talkative 7 year old girls on this planet: My daughter Somi and Fred’s daughter Cindy! [ Read More ]

The Dean’s Spot [PODCAST]


Gregory tells the story of his parking adventures in college. You won’t believe what a lucky streak he had! [ Read More ]

Daughter has Brains


Obviously, my daughter has brains and she’s using it as her strategy. [ Read More ]

Who Needs A Very Long String?


My little girl came from kindergarten absolutely ecstatic one day. “Tomorrow we are going to make a mobile phone out of a paper cup and string,” she announced. “Now I can call you from school!” [ Read More ]

How to Fit in the Mind of a First Grader

One day, when I was in first grade, my teacher was leading us in making a chart about tooth loss. [ Read More ]

It’s All Pretty Pathetic Stuff [VIDEO]

Zach recounts all the good times he had as a kid.  All those middle school memories…. Ok, so maybe they’re not all “good”, but hindsight is always 20/20. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All