How To Eat Potatoes [PODCAST]


Tina tells a funny true story about when she visited kindergardeners during their annual Thanksgiving feast.  Upon asking the kids what their favorite foods were, she got an answer from one little boy that was not what she was expecting. [ Read More ]

Perfect Audition [PODCAST]


Erin tells the story of wanting to break into acting. Through her school, she manages to have the most perfect, and hilarious, audition ever. [ Read More ]

The Most Dangerous Costume


My middle school self was awkward to the extreme: owl glasses, a bowl cut (I was a serious tomboy), and an unfathomable desire to be in every school play. [ Read More ]

Car Seats at Home


The dormitory where my cousin stays is not fully-furnished. She’s a bit of a motor-head so she bought some surplus car seats for a sofa. [ Read More ]



As a teacher, you often encounter funny and creative answers from your students’ worksheets and tests. Because they know I sometimes merit an extra point for it, they make sure that they give it a shot every single time. [ Read More ]

Danny’s Father is Safe


Along with some policemen, we had just finished my presentation to my young students on “Street safety.” [ Read More ]

My Love Story in a Nutshell


I had proposed to a neighborhood boy when I was little. But he teased me by telling everyone about it for the next 6 years of elementary school. [ Read More ]

The Secret Weapon


Jerry’s pal, Yudee, uses his new-found strength after a work-related accident to tryout for the highschool wrestling team. How did he do? [ Read More ]

Teaching Kids Piano [VIDEO]

Dominique sits down with The Big Milkshake and Justin and shares some stories about teaching kids piano.  Kids say the darndest things! [ Read More ]

My Made-Up Boyfriend [VIDEO]

Kristina tells a funny true story about spending one summer vacation with her friend, fabricating a tale about two dreamy boys they met while away.  Do her friends back home buy it? Told at Smiles For All’s Gather Round Live Storytelling celebration. [ Read More ]

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