Green Jello Wrestling


How many of us remember our first date with our then-just-friends-but-later-to-be spouses? Mine was unforgettable… for some very unusual reasons. [ Read More ]

15 Minutes Eternal [PODCAST]


Erin tells the story of her husband needing to fix everything around the house himself. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite pay off. [ Read More ]

Looking For A New Date Idea? What About Grand Theft Ice Cream?

Grand Theft Ice Cream

Taking your date out for ice cream, although a tried and true date idea, is not the most original one.  But we have a new twist on the old idea that could lead to a really memorable date: “Grand Theft Ice Cream!” [ Read More ]

Rebooting His Self-Esteem


It was the “teacher’s night out” when a colleague of mine was at a restaurant and he spotted a pretty woman eyeing him from the other side of the room. [ Read More ]

A Match Made in Heaven


Aaron and Diane, my brother and his wife, were at a party chatting with some friends when the subject of marriage counseling came up. [ Read More ]

What Is Love?


‘Grandpa, what is love?’ The question was posed by my granddaughter, Josie. She is eight and if there is a more lovely child on Planet Earth, I would like to know the kid’s name and geographic location. [ Read More ]

What I Got Last April Fools

april fools

This is what I got last April Fools. I’ll just say it’s the thought that counts. [ Read More ]

That Familar Wedding [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of her lovely husband and his ability to surprise her with romance even after all these years. (photo courtesy of Stephen Coburn/ [ Read More ]

Right Place, Wrong Time

We’ll do anything to win… but we have no idea what to do if we win. [ Read More ]

Tell a Story: My Crush [VIDEO]

Colin tells the story of taking his high school crush out to lunch! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All