Holy Bacon


I dared my wife to make a bacon cowboy hat this morning and this is what I got. [ Read More ]

You Came, You Saw, You Conquered… Sort Of


One weekend, my husband and I were planning to move a section of fence to allow us to park a trailer. A lovely guava bush was partially in the way, and he promised he’d be careful when trimming it back. [ Read More ]

How To Kiss Greet French and Lebanese Style [VIDEO]

Do you struggle from the anxiety of not knowing how or when or HOW MANY TIMES to kiss someone on the cheek when you greet them? Luckily, we found this hysterical video by Eric Hinojosa that gives you a pretty good idea how to handle it. [ Read More ]

The Great Fear of Millers


What do you know about ‘millers?’ They’re the guys who grind cereal crops to make flour? That’s what I thought too but I was wrong… very wrong. [ Read More ]

Let’s All Go


It was one of those days when making dinner at home turned out not to be an option. So I piled the three kids in the car and headed to the closest fast-food drive thru. [ Read More ]

Of Mice and Men and Women

A date goes horribly wrong all because of a little mouse! [ Read More ]

The Band-Aid


I’m stationed halfway down the side of the gymnasium, back to the wall, a coworker standing silently next to me. As a new teacher, this is the first time that I’ve chaperoned a dance, and I’m sort of curious about being on the other side of things. [ Read More ]

The Bird-Call Clock


Bird-watching is my passion, and my wife has always been impressed by my ability to identify each species solely by its song. [ Read More ]

Superman And The Safe


Robert was always a bit paranoid about personal safety. You know, making sure you locked up the house, knowing where your wallet was, and securing important papers. [ Read More ]

A Brief Walk Through the Shallow End

Pool Party First Kiss

I’ve decided to tell you a story that I’ve never told anyone completely. In the times I’ve told this story before, I’ve exaggerated certain facts and completely neglected others to bend and mold the story to make myself seem better in some way. But I’ve grown kind of tired of spreading lies about myself to … [ Read More ]

Smiles For All