Sensitive Skin for Dummies [PODCAST]

sensitive skin

Mary tells a hilarious story about her interesting run-in with a new facial cleanser for her sensitive skin and its ambiguous directions. [ Read More ]

The Origin of His Bad Trait [PODCAST]


Pia ponders whether or not her son will inherit her bad traits as well as her good ones. Luckily, if he does, it’ll still make for a good laugh or two! [ Read More ]

Persistent Little Cuties [PODCAST]


Pia explains the wonders of motherhood, especially when little kids have the tendency to scream. The screams could be out of sadness or joy! What matters is these cuties are persistent. [ Read More ]

Seeing is Believing [PODCAST]


Shelley tells the story of her son having a curiosity in all things science. It leads to some pretty funny questions! [ Read More ]

My First Time In Vegas [PODCAST]


Charlie tells a story about going to Vegas with a friend when he was 18.  Two boys, straight out of Christian school… what could possibly go wrong? [ Read More ]

The Car Won’t Open! [PODCAST]


Megan Mac and several layers can’t seem to open their boss’s car door. Is it frozen? Is it stuck? Why won’t it open?! [ Read More ]



What is art? Tara’s plumber may have just the answer. [ Read More ]

The Cake Thief [PODCAST]


Mary tells the story of her adventure of getting the perfect birthday cake for her sister. Unfortunately, a few laws may have been broken in the process. [ Read More ]

Hide and Call [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of playing hide and seek with her kids. She usually knows how to control the game but one day the kids come out on top! [ Read More ]

How My Son Became a Meteorologist [PODCAST]


Everyone has there own special career path. Lorrie tells the story of her own and how her son decided on being a meteorologist. [ Read More ]

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