A Heart-Warming Gift


Some five years ago, there was a visually impaired man wandering in front of a laundry shop. There was a notice of “Temporarily closed” on the door. [ Read More ]

Three Carrot Ring


My co-worker showed me her three carat (or carrot, rather) ring she received from her husband. [ Read More ]

Fitting Room Problems


While my brother was working in an outlet store, many customers were returning the clothes, saying the pieces had shrunk or felt too tight. [ Read More ]

Custom Underwear


One summer I worked for my Uncle Harry in his pawn shop on North Ave. My Uncle had a penchant for practical jokes. This is an example of the chicanery my uncle pulled off at his pawn shop: [ Read More ]

Self Defense

A man is in court, accused of committing some minor crime. The issue could have been settled without going to trial, but the defendant insisted on having one. But best of all, he insists on acting as his own attorney. [ Read More ]

Thank You Is Always An Excellent Response

Thank You

December 20th, 2014.  Dear Secret Diary, as we head into the holiday season, it is always good to keep in mind that “thank you” is always a kind thing to say… [ Read More ]

My Cat Professor


No one believed that I used to have a cat professor in college. This is always my proof to them. [ Read More ]

Drain Slide


I just had a sudden urge to add this to our gutter’s drain. It looks fine. I could really use a vacation right now. [ Read More ]

Not the Dog Food Again


I always feed our pets before we eat so they don’t bother us when we’re at the table. [ Read More ]

Stuck in the Tissue


Someone in the family must have spent too much time doing their thing in the bathroom. Now there’s a clever design on the tissue! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All