Microwave-Side Chat: Getting What You Want [PODCAST]


The Big Milkshake is going to teach YOU how to get what you want. It’s a simple trick that’s easy to learn! Don’t be alarmed if it involves receiving many calls for your bookie. [ Read More ]

The Well-Digger

Along with all the message boards that popped up on AARP, I noticed one called, ”Mr. Fix-it”. This board consisted of a husband and wife team that answered all sorts of do-it-yourself questions that readers submitted. [ Read More ]

Plane Slide


I was with my acquaintances for our Air Base tour when I found the most fun-to-ride slide on the planet. Now this is a plane I’d like to board! [ Read More ]

The Majestic Scenery


I had a really hard time getting a deal with my old house. The house was all good but my wife and I wanted to move closer to my grandchildren. [ Read More ]

Caffeine Reprimandation


A funny notice in a coffee-shop’s menu in Amsterdam, Netherlands. [ Read More ]

Beware of Radiation


It was freezing the whole day. Someone (not me) made this snow creature in front of the Radiation Research Laboratory at the Physics and Chemistry Department of our university. [ Read More ]



When I walked in for my ear doctor’s appointment to get my ears cleaned, I had to fill out two sheets of information and I had fun joshing the three gals about this. [ Read More ]

The Best Samaritan


I had just gotten off the train when a ragged-looking person came walking to me and asked, “Excuse me. Do you have a dollar?” [ Read More ]

In Case of Fire


We’re currently replacing the fire extinguishers at our school. I want to give a big thanks to this one naughty student for the safety precautions she made until the new extinguishers arrive. Water beats fire, anytime. [ Read More ]

Car or Dinosaur


Is this a car or a dinosaur? I’m not sure. All I know is that this “C-rex” was parked right in front of my hotel. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All