A Romantic Gym

Valentines Day

This gym really knows how to find the silver lining for all the single people on Valentines Day. [ Read More ]

Cookie Monster on the Beach

cookie monster

This is Cookie Monster hanging by the beach. My daughter is quite scared of puppets and mascots so I couldn’t approach him to say, “Hi.” But he did wave at everyone passing by. [ Read More ]

Garbage Tank


Garbage Truck, why not Garbage Tank? I believe this was in 2004. [ Read More ]

Jar Replacement Coupon


One morning I was making myself an instant coffee when I noticed a coupon in the jar. [ Read More ]

Text Mistake


This was a hilarious miscommunication that everyone can relate to. Anyone who hasn’t spoken to or sent a text to a friend in a while worries about something like this happening and I just had to share! [ Read More ]

Innovation When Bored


We were having a party at our place. The party started around 9 am. Around 8 hours later, boredom came.Thanks to boredom, we met innovation. [ Read More ]

Shady Goat


This goat was quite tamed. I whistled for a while until he approached me. It was quite sunny that day so I let him borrow my sunglasses. He sure knows how to rock the shades. [ Read More ]

Fiancé Lays It Out in Advance

park bench

This plaque on a park bench in New York City’s Central Park is my favorite. As part of the Park’s fundraising effort, folks can adopt a bench and then as you can see put an engraved plaque on it. [ Read More ]

What’s Keeping Me in the Bathroom


This is what has kept me in the bathroom. The photo was about 5 years ago until I decided to get rid of it. I always run late at my errands because of it. It was fun though. [ Read More ]

Just Desserts


When my extended family comes over for dinner, they tend to “dine and dash” right after the meal has ended. At this year’s Memorial Day BBQ, the dessert spoke for itself. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All