A Winning Smile


When my son was one year old, we decided to have his picture taken by a professional baby photographer.  I selected a very fine photographer, and when we arrived he had my son pose for him in various natural poses.  Fortunately, my son was in an extremely good mood, and it went well. [ Read More ]

Cannibal Pumpkin


This was some of the Halloween pumpkin aftermath. Pumpkins at our market are not as big but we sure make the most out of it! [ Read More ]

Pac-Man Cat


Our cat has all the reasons to hate Pac-Man. Here’s one! [ Read More ]

Innovation When Bored


We were having a party at our place. The party started around 9 am. Around 8 hours later, boredom came.Thanks to boredom, we met innovation. [ Read More ]

Shoe Repair Advertisement

shoe repair

Even if your shows are perfectly fine, who wouldn’t be convince to try out this ad? Definitely the best shoe repair advertisement I’ve seen! [ Read More ]

You Are Awesome!

You Are Awesome

June 28, 2014: My Dear Secret Diary, this sign is for you and anybody else who looks at this photo. [ Read More ]

Which Came First: The Family Name or the Family Business?

family business

Back when the British were first settling in North America, many people referred to each other by their first name followed by the name of their occupation.  So if John were a blacksmith, he may have been called John Smith and so on.  Many last names such as Carpenter, Taylor, Brewer and Mason came about … [ Read More ]

Beware of Dog


Grocery time. When I parked my car, this dog greeted me with a warning. [ Read More ]

Experience A Natural Disaster At A Mall Near You

hurricane simulator

What does the world have to offer that the mall doesn’t? Answer: Nothing. [ Read More ]

No-Frills Lighting


This is an actual light switch at a house I stayed at while traveling in Ecuador. I admire the family’s no-frills approach to lighting. Plus, the idea of potential electrocution definitely wakes you up in the morning!” [ Read More ]

Smiles For All