The Hungry Pool Float


Oh no! Keep out of this pool! They starve the floats. [ Read More ]

How To Sell A Hot Dog

Hot Dog at Landbrat

Hot dogs may not be the best food in the world for you, however, Landbrot restaurant’s sign certainly made me want to have one.  Not to mention it “brat” me a Milkshake Moment. [ Read More ]

Misplaced Motorcycle


It seems that this motorcyclist has misplaced his motorcycle. Do you think he’s shaking his fist out of frustration or at the gas prices? [ Read More ]

No-Frills Lighting


This is an actual light switch at a house I stayed at while traveling in Ecuador. I admire the family’s no-frills approach to lighting. Plus, the idea of potential electrocution definitely wakes you up in the morning!” [ Read More ]

Cow in the Desert


Here’s are a photo of a giant cow statue on the California-Nevada border near Death Valley. The cow is designed to promote a nearby hotel and casino, but to me she looks kind of lost. [ Read More ]

Holiday Gym Reminder

holiday gym

This gym has some great advice. I’m still holding out for a secret 3rd option… [ Read More ]

Flushing Caution


I was in Belebey, Russia when I found this hilarious caution on the toilet seat cover of the hotel I stayed at. [ Read More ]

The Substitute Foosball Player


One of the players of our foosball table got injured. Enter the clothesline clip as the substitute. [ Read More ]

Where The Cat Should Be


For quite some time, I noticed my cat lying on top of my monitor every time I woke up in the morning. I changed my desktop wallpaper and started reminding her that the mouse beside the keyboard is not what she thinks it is. [ Read More ]

Star Wars Chess

star wars

My oldest daughter is quite a fan of the Star Wars fan base. She even made this chess set out of it. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All