Pliant Pool Table

pool table

When the space is scarce, be pliant. Ask this pool table what pliant means. [ Read More ]

Couch Potato Snowman


It snowed way too early this year. Caught this snowman is just chillin’ in the sofa. [ Read More ]

Funny Storage Ad


Where do you put all of your stuff when moving to a New York City-size apartment? This funny storage company ad reads: “Hey… you wanted to live in Manhattan.” [ Read More ]

Mission Impossible Mouse


I needed to prove to my wife that our house was infested by mice. I never get to catch one, but I did get a chance to take a photo of one. [ Read More ]

Peculiar Hand Dryer Instructions

hand dryer

The real problem is after using this hand dryer I’ll have to wash my hands again. On the plus side, I’m going to save a fortune on jelly-fish. [ Read More ]

Office Chair Wheel Replacement


This false wheel works on my office chair but I certainly do miss spinning in circles and gliding with it through stations after stations. [ Read More ]

Just Cleaning


Nope! Nope! We’re not reusing them! They’ve been stocked up in the cabinet for a long time and we’re just cleaning to get rid of the dusts! [ Read More ]

The Trick-or-Treating Dogs


Just last Halloween, Mallows, Simi, and Remi had their first trick-or-treating session. They’re my cousin’s dogs. [ Read More ]

A Touch of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Here is a photo of Bruce Lee at the basement parking area of the town hall. [ Read More ]

Dog Stick Block


Our dog, Oreo, couldn’t find the way inside. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All