The Anxious Taxi Driver


I took a taxi to a friend’s house in the southern suburbs of town and after a few minutes I realized I gave him the wrong address. [ Read More ]

A Rough Start

I had been a waiter for almost a year.  While studying film in college, I figured it was important to invest in my future, so I got a job at a restaurant on the South Boston waterfront. [ Read More ]

The Court Transcriber

When my daughter Ruth was still living with us before she married, her girlfriend, Cynthia, would visit at times. She tried to talk my wife, Gloria, into switching jobs. [ Read More ]

I Guess I Don’t Know My Own Strength

Bend, Oregon has some of the nicest mountain biking in the state. With miles upon miles of cross country trails, groomed downhill sections, and terrain parks, it’s any mountain biker’s dream. However, I am not a mountain biker. [ Read More ]

Taking A Digger: What It Means And What It Doesn’t

funny sayings

Slang fascinates me. How did those words and phrases come to be? Who were the first ones to use them? How did it catch on? While some slang can be traced to different people or regions, others are a complete mystery. The one that I can’t figure out, and that has created some awkward situations, … [ Read More ]

Go Green

Is the toilet to short? Too tall? Whatever it is, this plumber is driven to get it to the right height for his wife. [ Read More ]

Our First Apartment


It was 1953, I was 27, and my wife, Gloria, and I moved into our first apartment.  The apartment was on a high third floor, had three-and-a-half rooms, cost $50 a month, and boy did it ever need work.  [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek, A Birthday Surprise


Birthdays are a big deal in my family. The tradition for a child’s birthday is to go to lunch at a kid friendly restaurant in town. [ Read More ]

Happy Wife Happy Life


Hunting in North Idaho is like breathing for most men. You walk into most homes and expect to see a deer, moose or an elk hanging on the wall. [ Read More ]

Fire Prevention Week


About 3:00 AM I felt my wife’s sharp elbow prodding me in the ribs. “Wake up,” she said, “the house is on fire.” [ Read More ]

Smiles For All