I’m the Tooth Fairy [PODCAST]

tooth fairy

Pia tells the story of her son discovering the tooth fairy! It was quite the dental ordeal. [ Read More ]

When I Was Taller – A Parent’s Story


Many years ago, I was leaving the pediatrician’s office with one of my sons. [ Read More ]

Very Extreme Sports

extreme sports

This is a photo of me in the basement, doing extreme sports. I sometimes wonder, “Which came first, the idea or the hole?” [ Read More ]

Guess His Gender


When my aunt was four months pregnant, she went to her obstetrician for a regular checkup. [ Read More ]

Bubble’s Favorite Snack [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of taking her dog, Bubbles, to the vet for an operation. He’s not supposed to eat after the procedure (but Bubbles finds a way!). [ Read More ]

The Dentist


My brother-in-law is a very skilled dentist.  I’ve been told he’s one of the best in the country (he told me so).  I’m only kidding, he’s the greatest. [ Read More ]

Horrified Tablets


Sick day. I had nothing to do. Just lying in bed, doing nothing. At least I had fun each time I took my tablets of medicine. [ Read More ]

Childbirth Grade [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of gearing up for her first childbirth. It’s safe to say, it was a hectic process that still had its moments of humor. [ Read More ]

Buffet Style Eating


When my children were younger, we decided to celebrate my daughter’s birthday by going to a restaurant on the North Side of Chicago. It was located in a hotel. [ Read More ]

Riding The Massage Chair


We made it to the nail salon right on time. Practically every chair was occupied and my wife looked at me and said that appointments meant nothing in this place. I told her to cool it, she was retired. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All