Back in the 40’s, on the west side of Chicago, us teenagers played “Relieveo,” a team version of hide-and-seek, and this usually included my friend, Jerry. [ Read More ]

Strawberry Goes To College [VIDEO]

Justin tells the tale of getting a turtle as a little kid and learning that turtles live a VERY long time! He’s outgrown the pet and now has no idea what to do with it.  So, what does one do with an old turtle?  Send it to college! [ Read More ]

The Quiz Will Be Waiting


Todd remembers one of his favorite students. Unfortunately the student had to change schools, but one day, Todd gets a visit! [ Read More ]

The Band-Aid


I’m stationed halfway down the side of the gymnasium, back to the wall, a coworker standing silently next to me. As a new teacher, this is the first time that I’ve chaperoned a dance, and I’m sort of curious about being on the other side of things. [ Read More ]

The Lesson [VIDEO]

Garlic Shake tells the story of one of the finest lessons he learned during school. [ Read More ]

Potty Trained

potty trained

Is anyone else suspicious when a two year old is quiet? Suddenly, all you can hear in the house is the clock ticking… and you KNOW they are up to something. I tiptoed up the stairs, just in case he was just playing quietly and there he was in his sister’s room playing with her Barbie doll house. [ Read More ]

Persistent Little Cuties [PODCAST]


Pia explains the wonders of motherhood, especially when little kids have the tendency to scream. The screams could be out of sadness or joy! What matters is these cuties are persistent. [ Read More ]

Pay-Off Time

bottle caps

Back in the 40’s, on the West Side of Chicago, teenagers didn’t have much of an income stream. One day I heard a rumor that the local Coca-Cola bottling plant was buying bottle caps in bulk. How many caps does it take to make a pound? I was soon to find out. [ Read More ]

A Shaving Kit For Boys [PODCAST]


Megan Mac tells a funny true story about the time she bought her son his first shaving kit for Christmas.  [ Read More ]

Teaching Middle School Geometry


My first year of “real teaching” found me in a 6th grade class – Middle School – where teachers age like the president  – teaching math. While I am proficient at math, it is not my favorite subject. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All