Plumbing the Depths


I was never comfortable swimming, but underwater I was a poor man’s Jacque Cousteau. [ Read More ]

The Family Trip [VIDEO]

Nathaniel tells the story of one of his first family trips as a child. But getting started was no vacation. Does his family’s dream trip successfully take off? [ Read More ]

Nimble Sarah


To keep their active three-year-old daughter away from a busy road, my brother and sister-in-law decided to put a gate across the driveway. After working over three weekends on the gate project, my brother Antonio was ready to attach the lock to complete the job. [ Read More ]

Behavior Report


A young girl can’t fathom her mother’s reaction to her bad behavior report. What will she say?! [ Read More ]

Mosquito Repellent


Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and millions of mosquitoes to go with them. [ Read More ]

Boy Versus The Mailbox


Something occurred one day which makes me realize how much we adults take for granted. [ Read More ]

Ryan Loves Dogs


Ryan fell in love, and asleep, with his new puppy dogs. He’s such an animal-lover! [ Read More ]

Preschool Dreamboat


Most of my memories about preschool are general: I remember circle time, my teacher playing a guitar while we sang, and falling off of various pieces of playground equipment. [ Read More ]

I’m the Tooth Fairy [PODCAST]

tooth fairy

Pia tells the story of her son discovering the tooth fairy! It was quite the dental ordeal. [ Read More ]

You Got the Job [Podcast]


Erin tells the story of her family and their history with the arts. Some cousins were pushed into auditioning for an acting job or two, but did anyone get it? [ Read More ]

Smiles For All