Avoiding Traps [PODCAST]


Nikola tells a funny true childhood story about one Sunday at church. He offers advice on how to avoid traps to the whole community. [ Read More ]

The Family Trip [VIDEO]

Nathaniel tells the story of one of his first family trips as a child. But getting started was no vacation. Does his family’s dream trip successfully take off? [ Read More ]

Business Plan

business plan

The photo is titled “Bisness Plan” and was my 8 year old daughter’s take on the stock market. Apparently her chosen “bisness” took a shower and wound up in the toilet. Looks like we won’t be investing. [ Read More ]

Overtime Without Pay? [PODCAST]


Andy tells the story of losing a set of keys after clocking out at his old after-school job. Did they get the keys back? Did they get overtime? [ Read More ]

A Hole New World


I was always a very determined or, as anyone who wasn’t my parents would say, stubborn child. [ Read More ]

Country Baseball


Growing up on the West Side of Chicago in the early 40’s was an adventure in itself. Being the children of parents who lived through the Great Depression, we didn’t have the niceties or advantages of the children of today, but we had a closeness of family and friends that bring back warm memories that can never be … [ Read More ]

Comic Genius Grandson


My grandson, in his attempts of being a comic genius, gave me this cup of “T”ea. I think I forgot to tell him that I always prefer coffee. [ Read More ]

Mosquito Repellent


Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and millions of mosquitoes to go with them. [ Read More ]

My Call With Mae West [PODCAST]

Mae West

Joe Westerberg tells a funny true story about the time he went to Los Angeles as a kid and decided to call up Mae West.  I mean, why not? Her number was listed right there in the phone book! [ Read More ]

The Greater “Knead”


When my then 4-year-old daughter won a cash prize in a spelling bee contest, I thought she’d buy herself the doll that she’d wanted. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All