The Deli Dilemma

Lunchtime sounds the Clarion, beckoning students, faculty, staff, visitors, and a wide variety of interesting human beings to congregate in student unions and cafeterias. The excited mixture of sounds, aromatic food, laughter, displays of frustration… a place where all human emotions blend to create an aura of bliss for some and chaos for others. [ Read More ]

Buffet Style Eating


When my children were younger, we decided to celebrate my daughter’s birthday by going to a restaurant on the North Side of Chicago. It was located in a hotel. [ Read More ]

Jar Replacement Coupon


One morning I was making myself an instant coffee when I noticed a coupon in the jar. [ Read More ]

Cookies Sleep Too


I went to a Chinese restaurant. Once I opened the fortune cookie I knew I had to take this picture immediately. It’s true, cookies do sleep. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: Why Does The Easter Bunny Carry Eggs?

Today on Q&A Tuesday, I will address an incisive question about the Easter Bunny posed by AlpacaLover <3 a number of months ago.  AlpacaLover politely challenged: [ Read More ]

Tofu, Anyone?


A classmate and I were discussing some frustrations of dorm life at my university in the Netherlands. High on my list was the difficulty of keeping others from eating ice cream I’d stored in the dorm’s refrigerator. [ Read More ]

Where Is My Popeyes?

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were on our way to Orlando, FL for a late summer vacation when we had an hour layover in Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. I was starved, so my doting husband made the executive decision to stop for food in the airport so that I could get … [ Read More ]

The Real Meaning of Halloween


In the chaos of holiday traditions, it’s common to overlook or forget the true reason for celebration.  [ Read More ]

Three Carrot Ring


My co-worker showed me her three carat (or carrot, rather) ring she received from her husband. [ Read More ]

WATCH: Operation: Save The Beer Bottle [VIDEO]

Saving a beer bottle from it’s ultimate demise is no easy task. Of course, The Big Milkshake was up for the job. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All