Crab Table Manners


Some say you shouldn’t eat with your hands, so this crab uses the appropriate utensils. [ Read More ]

Butter On The Side


This is the best way to eat your bread and butter! [ Read More ]

Girl Meets Hummus

To kick off a unit on Mesopotamia in sixth grade, my teachers treated us to a day of ancient style feasting. The buffet had reliable favorites like apples and pears and foods my young self had never seen before like couscous and figs. [ Read More ]

Vegetarian Birthday Cake


My co-teachers heard that I’m trying to convert to a vegetarian diet, and it was my birthday. So, they got me this “cake.” [ Read More ]

Kay Sah Dee Yah [PODCAST]


Paul McCartney once wondered if the world has “had enough of silly love songs.” Steven Sellers answers no, with this catchy ditty confessing his love for this cheesy Mexican favorite: quesadillas. [ Read More ]

How to Ripen Fruit with The New York Times

New York Times Week in Review and Fruit

October 18, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, I learned not too long ago that you can use The New York Times to ripen fruit. [ Read More ]

Bacon Mushroom Ger!


The other day, I witnessed a fast-food chain’s staff meeting. The boss was furious. Somebody forgotten to put the burger inside of the hamburger buns. [ Read More ]

Let’s All Go


It was one of those days when making dinner at home turned out not to be an option. So I piled the three kids in the car and headed to the closest fast-food drive thru. [ Read More ]

Bubble’s Favorite Snack [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of taking her dog, Bubbles, to the vet for an operation. He’s not supposed to eat after the procedure (but Bubbles finds a way!). [ Read More ]

Keep The Change


While traveling in France on business, I managed to order lunch in French at a restaurant, relying on my translation dictionary. The waiter seemed impressed, then smiled as he thumbed through a few pages of my book. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All