Where Is My Popeyes?

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were on our way to Orlando, FL for a late summer vacation when we had an hour layover in Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. I was starved, so my doting husband made the executive decision to stop for food in the airport so that I could get … [ Read More ]

Foot on the Dinner Table


It must have been 1989. I was a child, no more than 5 years old. We sat around the dinner table enjoying a family dinner. [ Read More ]

A Rough Start

I had been a waiter for almost a year.  While studying film in college, I figured it was important to invest in my future, so I got a job at a restaurant on the South Boston waterfront. [ Read More ]

Flights, Frights, And Too Many Sprites

Long flights, video games and gross amounts of soda-pop are not the best combination. A young boy finds that out on a flight from Australia to America. [ Read More ]

A Fair Share of Cheese


We had a frozen pizza defect. We all know that each family member has an equal right to cheese consumption, so here’s my solution. Problem solved! [ Read More ]

Tax Relief Day

tax relief day

I wanted to use up that $2 credit I had for Dunkin Donuts at the store a few doors away. Don’t ask me how I got it, all I know was that it was in my wallet. I ordered a coffee and the cashier told me it was Tax Relief Day. [ Read More ]

Funny Meat


Finally a meat label I can get behind. [ Read More ]

Aloof Loaf of Bread


I was disappointed in the quality of a high-priced loaf of bread I had purchased and wrote to the company to express my feelings. [ Read More ]

A Confusing Fortune (Cookie)

I eat Chinese food from the take out place down the street probably once a week. The other week, my roommate and I both got fortune cookies, but he didn’t want his so I opened both of them.  Upon reading the fortunes inside, only one question remained: where to look first? [ Read More ]

Not the Dog Food Again


I always feed our pets before we eat so they don’t bother us when we’re at the table. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All