Butter On The Side


This is the best way to eat your bread and butter! [ Read More ]

Bad Day for Coffee


I ordered coffee for take-out. The bottom of the plastic cup got punctured when I put it in my car’s cup holder. [ Read More ]

King Kong Runaway Lobster


The following story is true, but no names were changed to protect either the innocent or the guilty, since the subject of this tale is a 30-pound South African lobster we will call Mikey. [ Read More ]

The Queen Of Kool-Aid


My son, Chuck, was eleven and my daughter, Ruth, was nine at the time. Chuck approached me one day with a serious look on his face. [ Read More ]

In Search Of The Missing Ice Cream

 My aunt and uncle live up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. A few days before my cousin Weston’s graduation, they started planning a big graduation party. After buying all kinds of food to prepare for the big day, my aunt noticed that the pièce de résistance, a special berry ice cream Weston loved, kept going … [ Read More ]

How Men Age

men age

Have you ever wondered about the defining stages in life as a man ages? Here’s a great cartoon that captures the true manner in which men age. [ Read More ]

Milk Lover


In the days of home milk deliveries every morning. I began to notice holes in the aluminum foil bottle tops and the level of cream – the delectable top of the milk – had gone down. [ Read More ]

Chips Made For Superman


It’s always good to know the chips you’re eating don’t contain Kryptonite. Especially when you’re Superman which… I am. [ Read More ]

Dinner is Served


One evening my friend was over visiting. As we were sitting in my well appointed yet underutilized kitchen, he eyed a large bowl sitting on the breakfast table. [ Read More ]

How They Serve Ice Cream In Turkey [Video]

Want to work for your ice cream? In Turkey, this guy really knows how to give his customer the “run-around”. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All