Bacon Mushroom Ger!


The other day, I witnessed a fast-food chain’s staff meeting. The boss was furious. Somebody forgotten to put the burger inside of the hamburger buns. [ Read More ]

Not the Dog Food Again


I always feed our pets before we eat so they don’t bother us when we’re at the table. [ Read More ]

Sweet (and Sour) Potatoes


For some reason, my twins love acting like they’re babies. Perhaps it’s because they have a six month baby brother or perhaps like most adults, we wish for the days when we were younger. Either way, they have become quite skilled. [ Read More ]

The Perfect Balancing Act

Have you heard of Nik Wallenda?  He is a 7th generation stunt man who grew up in a family of entertainers.  About a year ago he walked across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope at night!  It was bound to be an exciting, horrifying, and exhilarating evening. [ Read More ]

Cooking Blunders


When it comes to cooking at home, mistakes can happen, and how they are handled determines the outcome of any meal. Here are some tips to help you out! [ Read More ]

Cheat Chat [PODCAST]


Erin tells the story of her family striving to keep a healthy diet. It was quite the struggle that may have included a little cheating. [ Read More ]

Moonshine On Airplanes?

I have never had a taste of moonshine. As best I know, I don’t think anybody I know has ever had moonshine. Well, as you can imagine, things couldn’t just continue this way. Something had to give. [ Read More ]

Horrified Eggs


Sick day. I had to eat these eggs really slowly. Gastritis is what it was called, I believe. I had fun while waiting for each bite though. [ Read More ]

How Full is Your Wine Glass?

Glass Not half-full

January 18, 2014– My Dear Secret Diary, as I age, I am trying harder and harder to be an optimist. [ Read More ]

Leaving a Bad Driving Impression


At the grocery store, I happened to grab a shopping cart with a skewed wheel. This caused me endless difficulty as I struggled up and down the aisles. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All