You Could Ask For One Thing More

Dear Diary, Visited Philadelphia this weekend and had Sunday brunch at this restaurant.  Company was the best, food was great, portions were large, atmosphere was relaxing, service was nice, price was fair… but it really annoyed me that they told us to “Bring Your Own Blackberry.”  Hrrrumf. [ Read More ]

In Search Of The Missing Ice Cream

 My aunt and uncle live up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. A few days before my cousin Weston’s graduation, they started planning a big graduation party. After buying all kinds of food to prepare for the big day, my aunt noticed that the pièce de résistance, a special berry ice cream Weston loved, kept going … [ Read More ]

SFA Quiz: Grateful Dead Song or Domestically Brewed Craft Beer?

Grateful Dead

So, just how great of a Dead fan are you? What do you know better: craft beer or classic rock? Do we want you on our trivia team? Each of the following titles are either a Grateful Dead song, craft beer name, or both! [ Read More ]

Holiday Sweets: So Many Traditions

holiday sweets

When and why did the candy cane originate? How many different religions and cultures enjoy gingerbread and marzipan during the holidays? How do these traditions make us more the same than different? These and other tantalizing questions will be addressed below. Read on, my sweets. [ Read More ]

Security Breach


Aside from being able to live near my grandchildren, security and peace of mind were part of the reason we moved to a gated community. Both flew out the window the night I called a local pizza shop for delivery. [ Read More ]

Just Desserts


When my extended family comes over for dinner, they tend to “dine and dash” right after the meal has ended. At this year’s Memorial Day BBQ, the dessert spoke for itself. [ Read More ]

When Kids Talk, Adults Should Listen


The other day my eight-year-old nephew and my brother passed by my apartment and decided to stay over for dinner. [ Read More ]

Never Too Much Gnocchi

I was the baby of a very, very Italian family. My mother was a tough woman with a kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. She had thick, muscular arms from keeping the home; doing all the cleaning, child-rearing, and cooking. She cooked everything from scratch; from bread to pasta to pastries of all sorts. … [ Read More ]

Let’s Cover the Plate with Pasta


It was so funny when my little cousin broke a plate and tried to hide it from my aunt at a family gathering. [ Read More ]

Nacho Steve


We’ve all got that friend, the practical joker. You however don’t have that friend if you ARE him. This is me. My life as a practical joker life is a playground. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All