Milk Lover


In the days of home milk deliveries every morning. I began to notice holes in the aluminum foil bottle tops and the level of cream – the delectable top of the milk – had gone down. [ Read More ]

Just Cleaning


Nope! Nope! We’re not reusing them! They’ve been stocked up in the cabinet for a long time and we’re just cleaning to get rid of the dusts! [ Read More ]

The Cake Thief [PODCAST]


Mary tells the story of her adventure of getting the perfect birthday cake for her sister. Unfortunately, a few laws may have been broken in the process. [ Read More ]

Aloof Loaf of Bread


I was disappointed in the quality of a high-priced loaf of bread I had purchased and wrote to the company to express my feelings. [ Read More ]

Comic Genius Grandson


My grandson, in his attempts of being a comic genius, gave me this cup of “T”ea. I think I forgot to tell him that I always prefer coffee. [ Read More ]

I Danced With Brooke Shields!! [VIDEO]

Ivan Jenson tells the hilarious true story of the night he danced with Brooke Shields at a trendy downtown New York City night club called Rex. Art, European disco, coleslaw and sushi… this is a story you don’t want to miss! [ Read More ]

An Honest Mistake


One Saturday I went to the supermarket to get food for Sunday dinner. When I got home, I noticed I had only been charged $1.48 for the ham instead of $14.80. [ Read More ]

Cookies Sleep Too


I went to a Chinese restaurant. Once I opened the fortune cookie I knew I had to take this picture immediately. It’s true, cookies do sleep. [ Read More ]

Marry-nade Me? [PODCAST]


Andy tells the story of having dinner with his lovely wife. When he asked about the marinade, he doesn’t get the answer he expected. [ Read More ]

The Chocolate Factory

chocolate factory

I have always had the travel bug in me.  When I was a senior in high school I traveled to Costa Rica with a few kids in my spanish class, when I was a sophomore in college I raised money to take a trip to Peru, and the summer after I graduated college I entered … [ Read More ]

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