Wedding Dress Horror

wedding dress

My wedding day was first approaching and I had bought my dress a few months earlier. [ Read More ]

Bad Hair Days at Costa del Sol


My memories of the Costa del Sol are limited to one week spent in Torremolinos with a girlfriend more years ago than I care to admit. [ Read More ]

Mom Knows Best


This was inside my daughter’s jacket. Don’t mind it, mom already knew what to do. [ Read More ]

Happy Shorts


I don’t throw out my old clothes until they’re at least worn-out in 30 different pieces. Most of the time, like with these shorts, I just refurbish them and if I’m lucky, I can sell them for $299.99! [ Read More ]

Beach Bum


It was the summer of 1995 and I was two months away from starting sixth-grade. The enthusiasm on my face was not because of school, though. I was excited because my family and I had just moved to Florida and I was beach bound. [ Read More ]

Boyfriend Camouflage


My boyfriend was driving me to my new apartment. Everything was packed. Everything was ready but I couldn’t seem to find him. [ Read More ]

Can’t You Do Something With Your Hair?!


My Grandmother was always a bit off her rocker but by the age of 100 her dementia worsened when she was living in an assisted living facility in Orlando, Florida near my Aunt. [ Read More ]

Change Me, Please!


Somewhere in Rome, there is a shop with my name. “Danielle,” announces the sparkling store window. Inside, it bursts with buckled ankle boots, soft ballet flats, and killer four-inch heels, all carefully crafted from supple Italian leather. I’ve been there. I’ve tried on countless shoes there. And I’ve made a purchase there, only to discover … [ Read More ]

Pain Management Therapy


Carol finds out the most effective form of pain management and it’s a bit unconventional. [ Read More ]

Fitting Room Problems


While my brother was working in an outlet store, many customers were returning the clothes, saying the pieces had shrunk or felt too tight. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All