My Cousin’s Cat


One day I visited my little cousin’s home. He had a cat. In the afternoon, I noticed my cousin gave the cat a fried fish. I asked him why and he just answered, “My cat is not a Japanese. She doesn’t eat raw fish.” [ Read More ]

Wave and Smile All the Time


Waiting at a red light, I smiled and waved at the driver of the car beside me. My mom chided, “You shouldn’t smile and wave at strangers like that.” [ Read More ]

What’s A Donk?


My two kids came at the same time. No problem though. Having twins is always a treat, for the most part. [ Read More ]

I’m the Tooth Fairy [PODCAST]

tooth fairy

Pia tells the story of her son discovering the tooth fairy! It was quite the dental ordeal. [ Read More ]

MeLisa and Ryun: Our Homegrown TV Trailer About Our Life [VIDEO]

MeLisa and Ryun are two parents with a less-than-normal life.  They chose to adopt 6 kids. The first 3 were adopted ten years ago and the most recent set of three siblings… well that was about a year ago. They have a huge heart to spread humor, the message of adoption, and the power of positivity. [ Read More ]

The Irate Escape [PODCAST]


Vincy tells the story of helping his son find a job. It turns out to be a harder journey than they expected! [ Read More ]

The Biggest Diamond in the World


My sister ran this bush school up in the north of South Africa. They took in groups from the big city and taught them about the wild and the kids took part in events and generally had a pretty good time. The orienteering course was a favourite because it was more of a scavenger hunt … [ Read More ]

Cookie Monster on the Beach

cookie monster

This is Cookie Monster hanging by the beach. My daughter is quite scared of puppets and mascots so I couldn’t approach him to say, “Hi.” But he did wave at everyone passing by. [ Read More ]

Dad in [Mid-life] Crisis

My father’s midlife crisis missed all the typical marks. There was no Rogaine, no convertible, and unfortunately for me, no round-the-world family vacation. His path to middle age can be summed up in four words: “I’m taking trumpet lessons.” [ Read More ]

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t


While studying abroad in the Czech Republic, Amelita agrees to cook the turkey for a dorm-wide Thanksgiving feast. But she had no idea how hard it would be! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All