I Can See Your Future Son


This is my 3 year old son. He always watches me fix the car and is picking up some tricks of his own! [ Read More ]

Bat Boy


My husband’s sister tells of babysitting two of her grandchildren when they were small. The two-year-old boy was hitting his four-year-old sister with a plastic bat. [ Read More ]

Comic Genius Grandson


My grandson, in his attempts of being a comic genius, gave me this cup of “T”ea. I think I forgot to tell him that I always prefer coffee. [ Read More ]

Playing Hooky

As I’m sure many of us would agree, the idea of playing hooky during the school year was indeed an appealing one.  [ Read More ]

McAspirin for McHeadache


A long drive home from visiting relatives, I spotted a fast-food restaurant and told my family we were getting dinner. [ Read More ]

The Case of the Flat Head Screwdriver


My dad was putting together a new piece of Ikea patio furniture and asked my sister to go into the basement and grab him a flat head screwdriver. [ Read More ]


The Big Milkshake and His Parents

Dear Diary– I am sure it must be hard for my parents that I chose for www.SmilesForAll.com a Nom de Plume, namely The Big Milkshake.  But I definitely think it is better than the new name they subsequently chose for me, “Former Son.” [ Read More ]

When Kids Talk, Adults Should Listen


The other day my eight-year-old nephew and my brother passed by my apartment and decided to stay over for dinner. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Game


As a child, young Patrick and his friends would play The Chicken Game. It was a search for money that could end in riches… or in tears. [ Read More ]

The Forbidden Juicyfruit

funny kid stories

I was at a bowling birthday party, a form of torture invented for parents of elementary school children, the first time I tried gum. [ Read More ]

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