Car Seats at Home


The dormitory where my cousin stays is not fully-furnished. She’s a bit of a motor-head so she bought some surplus car seats for a sofa. [ Read More ]

What’s Parked in Your Garage?


Two blocks away from our house, you’ll find this garage with a jet parked inside, that is if you’re not wearing your glasses. [ Read More ]

Miss Piggy [VIDEO]

Kate tells the story about her first female idol, Miss Piggy. Not the one you’re thinking of. This Miss Piggy was a first-class go-kart driver! [ Read More ]

Training Brain


I believe if you asked most marathon runners, they would say the actual race is the fun part of the experience. The training to get you ready for that day? Not so fun. [ Read More ]

Dog Driver


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But you can teach it to drive a car. [ Read More ]

Well-fitted Compensation [PODCAST]


Andy tells a hilarious travel story that had its ups and downs; from the cab ride to the flight! [ Read More ]

Just Keeping It Safe


When my friend’s teenage daughter got her learner’s permit, she begged me to let her drive us to the store. Reluctantly, I agreed. [ Read More ]

Bread Toast Vehicle


I’m not sure what this vehicle is for but my theory is that the owner is someone who’s always on the go. [ Read More ]

So Who’s Drunk?


On a curvy mountain highway late one night when I was a little kid, my dad was complaining about the car behind us. “That guy must be drunk!” he said. [ Read More ]

Car-Locating Husband [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of she and her husband trying to get through an insanely busy day. But her losing the car certainly didn’t help! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All