Where Are My Keys?


We all know the feeling of our first love. The type of love that when you meet in the Shopko parking lot after work to take an late afternoon swim you seem to float out of your car into his and never look back. [ Read More ]

Training Brain


I believe if you asked most marathon runners, they would say the actual race is the fun part of the experience. The training to get you ready for that day? Not so fun. [ Read More ]

Hammer Clutch


A friend of mine had a hammer for the clutch of his car. Never underestimate the power of the hammer! [ Read More ]

My Lucky Day


We’re all lucky! Because we never run out of good people around us. [ Read More ]

Benefits From Math


I was very late for work and was pulled over by a police officer one day. The officer noticed that my shirt had the name of a local secondary school on it. “I teach maths,” I explained. [ Read More ]

The Car Won’t Open! [PODCAST]


Megan Mac and several layers can’t seem to open their boss’s car door. Is it frozen? Is it stuck? Why won’t it open?! [ Read More ]

Side Mirror Substitute

side mirror

I was finding a parking spot when I noticed one of the cars at my side. Looks to me like they found a good side mirror substitute. [ Read More ]

The Whiny Pooch [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of hearing a mysterious car honking at her in a parking lot. She heard the honk but no one was around! [ Read More ]

Colorful Ribbon on Everything

Our Car?

March 29, 2014– My Dear Secret Diary, I have always thought it makes a ton of sense to put an identifier like colorful ribbon or the like on one’s baggage to make sure it isn’t mistakenly taken at the airport baggage claim.  [ Read More ]

Wave and Smile All the Time


Waiting at a red light, I smiled and waved at the driver of the car beside me. My mom chided, “You shouldn’t smile and wave at strangers like that.” [ Read More ]

Smiles For All