Pink Cadillac [PODCAST]


Randi G tells a funny true story about driving her radio station’s large, pink Cadillac. Amazing how much recognition radio DJ’s get! … right? [ Read More ]

Intern Road Trip

I have worked and worked as an intern. As a college student, I knew when to laugh at a boss’ bad jokes just in case it helped (heads up: it does) and who to befriend because they would teach me how to refill the copier paper. Now that I supervise interns, I refrain from asking … [ Read More ]

Driving in Circles


We all remember our first driving lesson. Jerry takes a moment to think back to his first time taking the wheel. [ Read More ]

Miss Piggy [VIDEO]

Kate tells the story about her first female idol, Miss Piggy. Not the one you’re thinking of. This Miss Piggy was a first-class go-kart driver! [ Read More ]

Where Are My Keys?


We all know the feeling of our first love. The type of love that when you meet in the Shopko parking lot after work to take an late afternoon swim you seem to float out of your car into his and never look back. [ Read More ]

Self-Service Seagull


This ingenious seagull has taken up residence at a petrol station cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Buzzy, as the staff have named him, has learned how to open the automatic doors of the cafe, which he does in the hope of receiving tiny bits of nibbles from customers who are leaving. [ Read More ]

The Parking Spot


One Chicago winter day, complete with six-foot-high snowdrifts, I pondered how to create a space for my car. [ Read More ]

Patching Up the Bruise


I waited for a long time for this bruise on my car’s windshield to get fully healed. [ Read More ]

When Jaws Hit the Road


I was driving along the road with an old pal when I saw this in our side-view mirror. It looks like Jaws got himself a new truck! [ Read More ]

It’s a Crime!


Teenaged Phil just wanted a car. But one thing leads to another and before you know it, young Phil is involved in a half-hazard crime spree (or more of a silly-mistakes spree). [ Read More ]

Smiles For All