Break Time Outbreak


During the first week at my new work station, I noticed this sign on the bulletin board: “Starting immediately, your 30-minute breaks are being cut from an hour to 45 minutes.” [ Read More ]

The Court Transcriber

When my daughter Ruth was still living with us before she married, her girlfriend, Cynthia, would visit at times. She tried to talk my wife, Gloria, into switching jobs. [ Read More ]

Spring Fever


Spring is here! Especially for these landscapers. [ Read More ]

Sweet Surprise


On my 21st birthday, which happened to be a day Melissa, the gift shop owner who employed me, wasn’t working, she phoned me at the shop. [ Read More ]

Jessky’s Jungle Juice


Being in combat in Korea in the early 50’s had a few dangerous disadvantages.  Not only did you have to digest Jessky’s lousy cooking, but if you were brave enough, you might even taste his home brew. [ Read More ]

You Got the Job [Podcast]


Erin tells the story of her family and their history with the arts. Some cousins were pushed into auditioning for an acting job or two, but did anyone get it? [ Read More ]

Vegetarian Birthday Cake


My co-teachers heard that I’m trying to convert to a vegetarian diet, and it was my birthday. So, they got me this “cake.” [ Read More ]

The Dark Knight’s Face Plant


In the summer of 1997, I worked at a movie theater in high school when “Batman and Robin” was released. [ Read More ]

Not So Swift Intern


Working as an intern when I graduated in law, I can be honest that I wasn’t very swift back then. [ Read More ]

Expressway Mascot


I think this is a mascot, found at the expressway, which warns you to drive carefully. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All