Dark Room, Wrong Seat


After I had purchased movie tickets for my then-girlfriend and I, she went inside to find seats while I got the popcorn. [ Read More ]


I was raised in an Italian household where I spoke Italian to my family and English to everybody else.  This proved very useful, especially when having to translate my parent-teacher conferences (“Tony has been very bad” quickly became “Tony has been a delight to have”). [ Read More ]

Dog Made Out of Boots

When I was in Rhine, Switzerland, I noticed this group of teenagers parading this dog made out of boots. [ Read More ]

Gym is Art


I’m quite an artsy person. That’s why I enrolled at this gym. [ Read More ]

Kay Sah Dee Yah [PODCAST]


Paul McCartney once wondered if the world has “had enough of silly love songs.” Steven Sellers answers no, with this catchy ditty confessing his love for this cheesy Mexican favorite: quesadillas. [ Read More ]

Woody Allen at the Carlyle

Last year, my friend asks me, “Do you want to go see Woody Allen perform?” He tells me that Allen performs at the Café Carlyle inside The Carlyle Hotel on Monday nights, and he can get us tickets; he said, “I know a guy”… [ Read More ]

The Value Of A Name


My wife has a cousin who manages Hollywood stars. I’m not going to tell you who she manages because I’m not a name dropper, but I can assure you these people still draw the big bucks. [ Read More ]

Music Mistakes and Mishaps…Some That Even Make Sense (Part 2)

music 2

January 11, 2014– Dear Secret Diary*, the ink was barely dry on Secret Diary entry, Music Mistakes and Mishaps…Some That Even Make Sense (Part 1), when I made a whole bunch of new mistakes. [ Read More ]

This Movie Is For The Dogs [PODCAST]


Mike McGranaghan tells a funny true story about going to a move about dogs, WITH dogs. Was it a dog-gone mess? [ Read More ]

The Squeaky Piano Pedal [PODCAST]


Tracy tells the funny true story about singing praises alongside a squeaky piano pedal. Can Tracy help herself from bursting out laughing?? [ Read More ]

Smiles For All