Color TV

On the first day of school after our winter break, I was walking across my son’s elementary school campus when one of the girls in fourth grade came up to say hello to me. [ Read More ]

A Kid Teaching Kids


My mother worked at a day care teaching and taking care of 2 and 3 year olds and I had nothing to do so I joined her. I thought this would be a piece of cake but boy, was I wrong. [ Read More ]

They Won’t Listen


Our local amateur dramatics group got far more audience participation than they bargained for during a recent pantomime. [ Read More ]



What is art? Tara’s plumber may have just the answer. [ Read More ]

Gym is Art


I’m quite an artsy person. That’s why I enrolled at this gym. [ Read More ]

Where’s Shrek


In case you’re wondering where Shrek has been after his last movie, here you go. Found at a nature reserve. I need to find Donkey next! [ Read More ]

Drain Slide


I just had a sudden urge to add this to our gutter’s drain. It looks fine. I could really use a vacation right now. [ Read More ]

My First Time

stand up

My First Time I had wanted to be a comedian since I was five years-old, but to get myself to do it for the first time, I needed a push. And so, I played a little trick on myself. [ Read More ]

Silly Chalk Drawing

chalk drawing

I used to work at this place called “Sips and Bites” as a Barista and Expert Sandwich Ringer Upper (i.e. I would ring up sandwiches). [ Read More ]

Hang Time [PODCAST]

Hang Time

Sean sees a star from the sitcom ‘Hang Time’ while his friend is in the dressing room trying on clothes. Will he believe it?!? [ Read More ]

Smiles For All