Cattitude Part II: Trying to Read With (Or Without) Your Cat


Have you ever been in your bed under the covers with your cats lying nearby and picked up a book you have been dying to read but just couldn’t get to? Do you try to ignore that glint in your cat’s eye that says: “Mommy’s here. Let’s boogie?” If the answer to these two questions is … [ Read More ]

Blue Bird Landing


Post-college graduation was a strange time… [ Read More ]

Hamster Troubles


Abram’s nephew wrote him a letter asking for advice on buying the right hamster. Abram, being a hamster-expert, tried to guide his nephew the best he can. [ Read More ]

The Great Hamster Escape [VIDEO]

When the family’s away, the hamster will play. [ Read More ]

Tree Weasels [PODCAST]


Dan tells the epic story of having to deal with some tree weasels, AKA squirrels. Did Dan defeat the fury gang? Find out! [ Read More ]

Look at This!


A deer wandered into my front yard. It stopped to watch my neighbor’s little dog. My cat stopped to watch the deer. I stopped to watch my cat. [ Read More ]

The Wait is Long for These Pets


This is a photo of my neighbor’s two dogs staring at the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. [ Read More ]

The Disappearance of Reggie

Most days our lives don’t mimic movies. I find this to be a tragedy since I would really love Joel Edgerton to come sweep me off my feet (or his brother Nash… either is acceptable). Once in a while, however, it seems like moments in our day come straight from an IMAX screen. Normally this … [ Read More ]

Find the Fish [PODCAST]


Mary tells the story of getting a pet fish for her son. The only catch, he has to find it first. [ Read More ]

Bull Moose Now on the Loose


After a long weekend, my colleague and I were sent by the highway maintenance department to repair road signs that vandals had knocked down in a forested area. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All