Blue Bird Landing


Post-college graduation was a strange time… [ Read More ]

Time for Yoga


My daughter took this photo of their Labrador doing yoga. She’s been trying to convince me to take up yoga again, but it hasn’t been working. [ Read More ]

Hamster Troubles


Abram’s nephew wrote him a letter asking for advice on buying the right hamster. Abram, being a hamster-expert, tried to guide his nephew the best he can. [ Read More ]

A Bug Story [PODCAST]


Diane is walking in the park with her grandson, when he gives her a little lesson on bugs.  A true grandmama moment! [ Read More ]

That’s Quite A Stylish Dog

Stylish Dog

August 30, 2014- Dear Secret Diary, just yesterday, I saw the most stylish dog*. [ Read More ]

Obedient Husband


To prepare our dog Ron for his graduation from obedience school, my husband, Philip, and I took him on a trip to a popular camping ground. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part VI: Catinese: What Is Your Cat Really Saying?


Cats communicate with each other and their owners in a myriad of ways, many of which may go unnoticed if signals are misread or ignored. Things like a deep or light purr, for example, relay a different message to the purree (the one who is listening). [ Read More ]

Not a Tasty Treat

At the pet shop, the clerk placed the parakeet we had bought in a box where he bore holes on one side to ensure the bird can easily breathe in. [ Read More ]

The Bird-Call Clock


Bird-watching is my passion, and my wife has always been impressed by my ability to identify each species solely by its song. [ Read More ]

Dangerous Moquito


The other day my friend John came to work with a huge bump on his forehead that just couldn’t be ignored. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All