Beware of the Dog and the Cat


I found this “Beware of the Dog” sign at my outside my neighbor’s house. I think he lives with wild animals. [ Read More ]

Happy Wife Happy Life


Hunting in North Idaho is like breathing for most men. You walk into most homes and expect to see a deer, moose or an elk hanging on the wall. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Game


As a child, young Patrick and his friends would play The Chicken Game. It was a search for money that could end in riches… or in tears. [ Read More ]

Sweet Birds


These two birds were at the window of my office. They’re just too sweet. [ Read More ]

Cat People [PODCAST]


Dan tells the story of how he went from a dog person to a cat person (with a little help from his future-wife). Love can do extraordinary things! [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part II: Trying to Read With (Or Without) Your Cat


Have you ever been in your bed under the covers with your cats lying nearby and picked up a book you have been dying to read but just couldn’t get to? Do you try to ignore that glint in your cat’s eye that says: “Mommy’s here. Let’s boogie?” If the answer to these two questions is … [ Read More ]

Dinner is Served


One evening my friend was over visiting. As we were sitting in my well appointed yet underutilized kitchen, he eyed a large bowl sitting on the breakfast table. [ Read More ]

Horrified Chocolate Bar


If you liked the photo of horrified eggs, then you’ll love my edition of this horrified chocolate bar. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part III: Cats and The Vacuum Cleaner: A Fatal Combo


What is it about the vacuum cleaner that makes many cats disappear? Some say it’s those loud, whooshing sounds that a cat doesn’t quite understand. But I never point the vacuum at them or taunt them in any way. I am just VACUUMING! [ Read More ]

Watching Television With Your Cat


Watching your favorite television show with a kitty or kitties by your side can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a variety show all by itself. The problem in my house is the large sofa upon which television viewers with both two and four legs sit. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All