Pavlov’s Other Dog

This cartoon will give us some more insight on the famous Pavlov’s dog behavioral study. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part VI: Catinese: What Is Your Cat Really Saying?


Cats communicate with each other and their owners in a myriad of ways, many of which may go unnoticed if signals are misread or ignored. Things like a deep or light purr, for example, relay a different message to the purree (the one who is listening). [ Read More ]

Still Can’t Control the Dog


My boyfriend is such a geek. He refurbished this retro game control to a drag line handle for my dog. But I still can’t somehow control my dog with this. [ Read More ]

Hailey’s Big Sister


One of the parents along my bus route always greeted her 5-year-old daughter, Hailey, at the foot of the driveway where I dropped her off. One day, we arrived a little early so I wasn’t surprised that the mom was not yet outside. [ Read More ]

Fish in a Lake


Jeremy and his family spend some time at the lake with some friendly friends. Surprises relating to fish are in store during this little vacation! [ Read More ]

This Movie Is For The Dogs [PODCAST]


Mike McGranaghan tells a funny true story about going to a move about dogs, WITH dogs. Was it a dog-gone mess? [ Read More ]

Heavy Pancakes


I was cooking pancakes for my husband, but I used too much flour and they turned out a bit heavy. After we ate, we had about half a dozen left. [ Read More ]

Everyone’s Soft Spot for Cats [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of having to sneak the family cat into a hotel. Did their scheme go as planned? Or were they caught red-handed? [ Read More ]

Self-Service Seagull


This ingenious seagull has taken up residence at a petrol station cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Buzzy, as the staff have named him, has learned how to open the automatic doors of the cafe, which he does in the hope of receiving tiny bits of nibbles from customers who are leaving. [ Read More ]

Perfect Camouflage


I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but he found the nicest spot to match his camouflage. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All