Watching Television With Your Cat


Watching your favorite television show with a kitty or kitties by your side can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a variety show all by itself. The problem in my house is the large sofa upon which television viewers with both two and four legs sit. [ Read More ]

Ryan Loves Dogs


Ryan fell in love, and asleep, with his new puppy dogs. He’s such an animal-lover! [ Read More ]

The Dog is Boss


Literally standing beneath a signage that says he’s prohibited in this park. This dog is boss. [ Read More ]

A Bug Story [PODCAST]


Diane is walking in the park with her grandson, when he gives her a little lesson on bugs.  A true grandmama moment! [ Read More ]

Find the Fish [PODCAST]


Mary tells the story of getting a pet fish for her son. The only catch, he has to find it first. [ Read More ]

Sunny Side Cat


Placing a mandarin orange in the middle of my rolled-up cat makes her a Sunny Side Cat! [ Read More ]

Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me?


My boyfriend sent me this picture. I have a feeling he’s cheating on me. [ Read More ]

WATCH: The Adventures of the Missing Cat [VIDEO]

Joi was the third place winner in our First Funny Film Contest. Congratulations to her and her cat, for a job well done! 🙂 [ Read More ]

The Caped Crusader


Jerry and his wife encounter a bat in their home. They manage to take care of it but little do they know that their time with the bat is far from over. [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents*: Abram’s Tired Dog!

tired tuesday featured image

Tuesday, September 30, 2014– Today on Tired Tuesday… [ Read More ]

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