Business Plan

business plan

The photo is titled “Bisness Plan” and was my 8 year old daughter’s take on the stock market. Apparently her chosen “bisness” took a shower and wound up in the toilet. Looks like we won’t be investing.

  • MariCone

    I would invest in that.

    • Greater risk= greater reward, right?

  • David Tee

    That could potentially FLUSH away your resources. Do not invest!

    • TheBigMilkshake

      I did. I wish I had your advice earlier!!!!! LOL

  • That toilet bowl looks like a cute dinosaur. I’ll definitely invest too =p

    • Zach

      I see that too. I should invest.

      • TheBigMilkshake

        don’t do it guys. I lost everything.

  • ASMs

    Professional caliber.

  • Lorrie Loves Math

    Just get all of my money!!!

  • Call Me Hecky

    Produced by Windows 1975??

    • TheBigMilkshake


  • August

    Seems legit, take all my money….

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