About Woody Battaglia

Woody Battaglia is a writer and comedian based in his hometown of Rochester, NY, where he also puts on themed variety shows under the banner Not 100% Normal. You can hear more of his work on The Letterheads Podcast, and if he's laughing you can hear him for miles around.

Let Skating Boys Lie


Let it be known that I am neither sportsman nor outdoorsman. When it comes to winter pastimes, I have never in my life skied, snow-boarded or snow-shoed, and even after the events shortly following Christmas 2013, I maintain that I have never ice skated. [ Read More ]

The Mustard and The Door


Jenn and I are as close as can be having reached our mutual adulthood, but practically from birth and up into our high-school years, this was not the case. This is the story of how we finally bonded. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All