Sara idolizes Amy Schumer and wants to have a life like her’s. In this story, she talks about he she got closer than she’d ever imagine.

  • Big Joe Joe

    You still got the psychic’s number?

    • Arch22

      I need a new apartment.

      • TheBigMilkshake

        LOL Arch. I know a good real estate broker if you need a referral.

        • David Tee

          We’re more interested with the psychic!

    • ArtisanBoyyy

      give me Amy’s number instead.

      • TheBigMilkshake

        LOL. I am sure the psychic knows what it is ArtisanBoyyy

  • Jerg


  • Dmitry Messo

    Is that psychic named Nostradamus?

  • MariCone

    So she’s actually right? Amazing.

    • Cho88

      I thought they’re just a bunch of cold readers, but then there are those tyms when they just nailed it.

      • AlpacaLover <3

        I never believed in them but whatever they’re saying interests me. Which makes me believe them right after. I don’t know.

  • Vincy R.

    LOL these comments. Anyways, what’s her number?

  • Amy’s such a kind person and so is the psychic.

  • This is awesome!! What an experience.

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