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Tweets We Like: Hula Hoops, Jam Bands, Crayons & More

12/24/13- Tweets to tweet about! This week’s funny tweets! [ Read More ]

Fire Prevention Week

About 3:00 AM I felt my wife’s sharp elbow prodding me in the ribs. “Wake up,” she said, “the house is on fire.” [ Read More ]

Cool To The New Fridge

My husband and I had been looking at refrigerators for a while, but we weren’t ready to commit to one. [ Read More ]

Ball Obedience School

This cartoon describes an obedience school that’s a little different than the rest. [ Read More ]

Ladies First? Indeed! Here’s Why. (Hint: Think Canary)

December 28, 2013– Dear Secret Diary, basic Internet searches and what I have picked up suggest many reasons for the “Ladies First” policy.  “Chivalry” is of course an important one, but it is just one.  [ Read More ]

Non-Traditional Rejection

When I was 27-years-old, I decided to take a summer course- Intermediate German- at a local university. I thought the course would be a good distraction from my mundane job at the time. [ Read More ]

How They Serve Ice Cream In Turkey [Video]

Want to work for your ice cream? In Turkey, this guy really knows how to give his customer the “run-around”. [ Read More ]

Considerate Dentist

It’s so hard to find the right dentist these days. But finally, via gorgeous bright neon, we have found the dentist for us! [ Read More ]

Down The Hatch…

“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

Lady With The Magic Hands

Last year, my husband and I had a bakery that sold heart healthy dessert breads like pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, sweet potato bread and banana bread, to name a few. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All