Temper, Temper


Unfortunately when it comes to golf, Jim can let his temper get the best of him. Luckily, he has his best friend Matt to help him out. [ Read More ]

McAspirin for McHeadache


A long drive home from visiting relatives, I spotted a fast-food restaurant and told my family we were getting dinner. [ Read More ]

Big Forehead = More Intelligence?


When I lived in Kansas City, my girlfriend at the time, Amy, went on an audition for a commercial. I wasn’t working that day, so I went with her to the casting director’s office. [ Read More ]

Letter Of Complaint [PODCAST]


Jessica tells a funny story about what her nephew recommended she do in order to protest the high gas prices. [ Read More ]



Jerry remembers his friend Spoons, who was named that because that was the instrument he played. He was also an incredible talent who wowed everyone. [ Read More ]

The Button Story


While working construction, Jerry stumbles upon a remote. What does it do? Boy was he sorry when he found out! [ Read More ]

Get Healthy: Beet Yourself Up!


That is, of course, not a typo in the title.  If you missed the misspelling, don’t get too down on yourself.  Reach for a beet!  [ Read More ]

You CAN Put a Price on Love

filet mignon

April 14, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, everyone is always saying, “You can’t put a price on love.”  Well, Diary, I learned this past week that in fact CAN put a price on love! [ Read More ]

Painting Faces to Paint Walls [VIDEO]

Painting Faces to Paint Walls [VIDEO]

Emily Tomasik tells a funny true story of a job she had face painting for a family company Christmas party. Told at Smiles For All Live!, a storytelling show. [ Read More ]

The Little Man Costume [VIDEO]

The Little Man Costume [VIDEO]

Mikey describes his unimaginative costume he wore repeatedly as a child. [ Read More ]

Jar Replacement Coupon


One morning I was making myself an instant coffee when I noticed a coupon in the jar. [ Read More ]

Hot Guy Tears [VIDEO]

Hot Guy Tears [VIDEO]

Leah tells the story of when she had to interview a potential intern but was so floored by his looks she began to cry. [ Read More ]

Wedding Dress Horror

wedding dress

My wedding day was first approaching and I had bought my dress a few months earlier. [ Read More ]

Hair Etiquette [VIDEO]

Hair Etiquette [VIDEO]

Adaeze recalls a date that went awry because the guy couldn’t keep his hands off her new hair-doo. [ Read More ]

Temporary Out of Order Sign

out of order

The old photocopier at the office was always being decorated with sticky notes about its latest breakdown. Repairs, when they were made, didn’t last long. [ Read More ]