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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

The Most Dangerous Meal

The Most Dangerous Meal of The Day

We posted this picture of “the unfortunate breakfast man” for our Facebook friends one morning. We ended up getting a comment on the photo from one of our fans that we thought was the PERFECT caption… too good to pass up.  Thanks to Lisa Formanek Roche for the hilarious idea!! The caption: “It’s the most … [ Read More ]

In an Orderly Fashion [PODCAST]


Andy tells the story of meeting an aspiring computer technician, who was actually a little kid! [ Read More ]

Household Open Door Policy


Privacy issues. You’ve been through them and I could tell that you’re really starting to grow up when privacy has become one of your main concerned. Let me show you the how and why. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Eggs, Clocks, and Yoga Poses


Some tasty tweets to tickle your tummy this Tuesday! [ Read More ]

Which Doctor?


Monica manages to be a great employee and a great mom. One day her boss, a doctor, calls and her nephew answers. But he doesn’t quite get his name right. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Horses & Forgotten Kingdoms


Celebrate Tuesday with these tweets from some hilarious comedians! [ Read More ]

Training Brain


I believe if you asked most marathon runners, they would say the actual race is the fun part of the experience. The training to get you ready for that day? Not so fun. [ Read More ]

My Game of Tennis: One Male and One Female Perspective

Coming home from tennis

Men and women can be quite different. [ Read More ]

If Your Friends are Yawning…


Dear Secret Diary– I like asking yawning friends and family, “Are you bored with yourself?” [ Read More ]

My Love Story in a Nutshell


I had proposed to a neighborhood boy when I was little. But he teased me by telling everyone about it for the next 6 years of elementary school. [ Read More ]

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