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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Existential Mattress


I found this on the street. Someone must have thrown it away because, “Nothing Really Mattress!” [ Read More ]

Early Riser [VIDEO]

Early Riser [VIDEO]

Mikey tells the story of waking up early every morning as a kid. But one morning, his entire family goes missing? Where did they go?! [ Read More ]

Naughty Yet Creative [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of being a teacher trying to figure out the best way to keep her students in order. Some might be naughty but at least they’re creative! [ Read More ]

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service


Phil takes the ol’ policy of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” and sees it from the perspective of a dog! [ Read More ]

Walk This Way (Or Any Way. Just Walk!)


Anyone who has ever lived in, or even been in, New York knows how noisy, energetic, and sometimes tiring the city can be. On a day when I was noticing all of these things with a particular touch of hypersensitivity, I decided to take a walk and see if I could find a bit of … [ Read More ]

My Louis Vuitton Bag [PODCAST]

Louis Vuitton

Dana can’t find a place to put her Louis Vuitton purse down in the bathroom.  So she thinks, “Why not the sink?” THIS is why not. [ Read More ]

The Fallen Stock of Pokemon Cards


Like many preteen children, I had my fair share of silly fads while growing up. Yo-Yo’s, Jynco jeans, legos, and gelled hair were among my obsessions. None however stung me as bad as the Pokemon card bug. [ Read More ]

Bare Innocence


We live in a small town with a population of fewer than 15,000. Among the many great things about our little city is the number of stately Victorian homes near the heart of the downtown. [ Read More ]

The Parking Spot


One Chicago winter day, complete with six-foot-high snowdrifts, I pondered how to create a space for my car. [ Read More ]

Dear Dad, How Could You?!


Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I’ve got a present for you that I think you’ll like. Remember that time you did that embarrassing thing? I FORGIVE YOU! [ Read More ]

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