2-in-1 Motorbike


Story of the Photo: I saw this motorbike parked at the local gas station. It made me realize, why haven’t I thought of this? [ Read More ]

Emergency Candle


My husband surprised me with a cake he baked himself on my birthday. He just forget to buy one crucial thing. The candle! [ Read More ]

Surfing Rock


This photo was taken after a day of heavy rain. Someone was up early enough to paint some surfing fun on this rock! [ Read More ]

Elephant on the Road


This is the fastest elephant to ever live. It ran right by us! [ Read More ]

Broken Bus Stop


This whiteboard at the windshield of a bus makes you go “DING DING!” [ Read More ]

Office Birthday Prank


On my birthday, my co-workers gave me an unforgettable gift. They literally wrapped my entire work station in birthday wrapping paper. It was quite the prank! [ Read More ]

Green Car


Thinking of buying an eco-friendly car? Here’s one from my neighbor. They literally grew their own car. [ Read More ]

Sunny Side Cat


Placing a mandarin orange in the middle of my rolled-up cat makes her a Sunny Side Cat! [ Read More ]

Dog Flier


Local flight from Altenrhein to Basel, Switzerland. The dog sitting in front of me behaved well the entire flight. [ Read More ]

The Hulk Played Golf


The is a photo of what must have happened while The Incredible Hulk played a game of golf. It doesn’t look like things went too smoothly. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All