I’m the Tooth Fairy [PODCAST]

tooth fairy

Pia tells the story of her son discovering the tooth fairy! It was quite the dental ordeal. [ Read More ]

There’s Nothing on TV


While working as a customer-service representative for a cable television provider, I took a call from a woman who reported that her cable wasn’t working right. [ Read More ]

Ensure an Insurance


“Do you want to insure this?” asked the clerk at the post office when I handed her my package. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: Is It OK to Love Some of Your Money More Than The Rest of Your Money


Today on Q&A Tuesday, we address a very important question about money:   [ Read More ]

A Deep Resounding You


One evening my wife and I were watching a television show. “Wow, what a hunk!” she commented on one of the actors. [ Read More ]

Dangerous Moquito


The other day my friend John came to work with a huge bump on his forehead that just couldn’t be ignored. [ Read More ]

Dis-Concert-ing Carlos


Excuse me Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, but if we’re going to talk about music then it has got to be Classical. [ Read More ]

Aloof Loaf of Bread


I was disappointed in the quality of a high-priced loaf of bread I had purchased and wrote to the company to express my feelings. [ Read More ]

15 Minutes Eternal [PODCAST]


Erin tells the story of her husband needing to fix everything around the house himself. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite pay off. [ Read More ]

Can You Give Me A Hot Tip at the Track?

horse Racing at the Track

December 13, 2014– My Dearest Secret Diary, although I actually have never been to the track, I like to talk about the track as follows: [ Read More ]

Guess His Gender


When my aunt was four months pregnant, she went to her obstetrician for a regular checkup. [ Read More ]

The Great Fear of Millers


What do you know about ‘millers?’ They’re the guys who grind cereal crops to make flour? That’s what I thought too but I was wrong… very wrong. [ Read More ]

Not the Best Wig


On a very windy day, I was driving to my assignment as a volunteer worker. Suddenly a woman dashed out of a shop, apparently chasing a small hairy semi-circular object. [ Read More ]

Homework Help


I was helping my eight-year-old nephew, Theo, with his homework the other day and I was trying to make it as interesting as possible for him by using actual examples. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday: Would You Rather Have a Human Body and a Dog Head, or a Dog Body and a Human Head?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Julio120 asks:  [ Read More ]