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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Break Time Outbreak


During the first week at my new work station, I noticed this sign on the bulletin board: “Starting immediately, your 30-minute breaks are being cut from an hour to 45 minutes.” [ Read More ]

Missed Communication [VIDEO]

Leah tells a story about giving her number to a bartender soon after a break up. Does he call her? Do they live happily ever after? Does she even use her real number?? [ Read More ]

What A Night! [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of going through some old boxes from college and somehow leading to a possible house fire! [ Read More ]

The Overloaded Trunk


Even though I was working day and night at the time, I always made room for bowling on Wednesday evenings. Although my average was only in the middle 150’s, I really enjoyed this pastime. [ Read More ]

The Magic of Snail Mail


My fiancée, Gloria, loved surprises, and so did I. I had received word that we were scheduled to be rotated home, and I mulled over how to surprise her. [ Read More ]

My First Time In Vegas [PODCAST]


Charlie tells a story about going to Vegas with a friend when he was 18.  Two boys, straight out of Christian school… what could possibly go wrong? [ Read More ]

Coaching Kids: “Little White Lies Aren’t All That Bad”

White lies aren’t terrible. Sometimes, they’re needed to make a friend feel better or to diffuse tension until a problem is solved. Other times, they are hilarious. [ Read More ]

Mustache Mischief

For whatever reason I decided one day, after 40 years of being clean shaven, to grow a mustache. My wife was less than pleased. But when the time came to shave it off, I decided to have a little fun… [ Read More ]

Nacho Steve


We’ve all got that friend, the practical joker. You however don’t have that friend if you ARE him. This is me. My life as a practical joker life is a playground. [ Read More ]

Why I Did Hot Yoga and Why I’ll (Probably) Do It Again

Born and raised in the suburbs, my parents tried to expose my brothers and me to new things.  They took us to places including the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada.  Granted, it was Aruba, Cancun, and I’m from Buffalo, so Canada was about 30 minutes away.  But nonetheless, I considered myself quite “worldly”. [ Read More ]

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