The Clown From the Tanning Salon


Before heading on vacation, I went to a tanning salon. I don’t know how my son convinced me to try this tanning thing but here I am, lying comfortable in the tanning bed. [ Read More ]

Seat Belt Bloopers

seat belt

A Police officer motioned for my father, who was driving a tractor trailer, to pull over, and then asked him for his license and insurance. [ Read More ]

Milk Lover


In the days of home milk deliveries every morning. I began to notice holes in the aluminum foil bottle tops and the level of cream – the delectable top of the milk – had gone down. [ Read More ]

Memory Lapse Triggers Hunt for Milk and Eggs


Either my memory is failing or my brain is overtaxed. I suffer from CRS syndrome – Can’t Remember Squat. My wife, Hun, points this out with ease. [ Read More ]

More Than the Naked Eye [PODCAST]


Brandon tells a story about being a little kid and asking his mom science questions. Some of the answers left quite the impression on young Brandon! [ Read More ]

Leaving a Bad Driving Impression


At the grocery store, I happened to grab a shopping cart with a skewed wheel. This caused me endless difficulty as I struggled up and down the aisles. [ Read More ]

See Anything You Like?


Vincy spills something on the kitchen floor and has to get down to clean it up. His wife comes into the room and delivers one heck of a zinger. [ Read More ]

Bad Hair Days at Costa del Sol


My memories of the Costa del Sol are limited to one week spent in Torremolinos with a girlfriend more years ago than I care to admit. [ Read More ]

Here’s My Proof

customer service

I was once a customer service representative for a phone company. One day someone called to place an order for new services. [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents*: Something We Can All Relate To

tired tuesday featured image

Tuesday, October 14, 2014– Today on Tired Tuesday… [ Read More ]

Practicing to be a Husband


Because my son, Donald, had frequent ear infections as an infant, his delayed speech as a toddler made me worry that he had suffered hearing loss. [ Read More ]

Upset Baseball Fan


If I would choose between the Superbowl and a normal baseball game, I would choose the latter. [ Read More ]

It Was The Journey That Counts Most


Our family vacation led us through a remote and rather uninteresting section of the country. Noticing a scenic-route sign, we sopped at a visitors’ station, hopeful for a change of scenery. [ Read More ]

My Visit to Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

While vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands, I visited the World War II memorial atop the sunken U.S. battleship Arizona, a monument to those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. [ Read More ]

The Booger Monster


Being a mother of four, I have become a self proclaimed “Super Mom.” Like the brave and heroic man of steel, I have battled plugged toilets, flu season, vomit, poo, and pretty much any other occurrence a child can produce. [ Read More ]