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Chips Made For Superman


It’s always good to know the chips you’re eating don’t contain Kryptonite. Especially when you’re Superman which… I am. [ Read More ]

Address Check


After being involved in a motorcycle accident, my friend Arthur had to undergo a minor surgery. As he regained consciousness following the procedure, the doctors asked Arthur to tell them his name. [ Read More ]

Horrified Tablets


Sick day. I had nothing to do. Just lying in bed, doing nothing. At least I had fun each time I took my tablets of medicine. [ Read More ]

Feeling A Little Board?


If you’re feeling a little bored, why not start feeling a little board? Here’s a funny photograph of some people taking a pun and bringing it to life. [ Read More ]

The Pregnant She-Hulk


I was feeling extremely pregnant, and it was rotten luck when, several days before my due date, my husband fell from the porch roof, sprained both ankles and was restricted to crutches. [ Read More ]



A grown man ordering a toy at a fast food drive thru is totally normal, right? [ Read More ]

Hayrides and Mudslides

As a child, my family and I would take trips out to a farm to a pick pumpkins and ride a spooky hayride. One year I learned a valuable lesson about keeping my hands in the vehicle at all times. [ Read More ]

Potty Protest [PODCAST]


Charlie tells the funny true story about trying to potty train his daughter. She has always been strong-willed, so this was no easy task! How did they finally do it? [ Read More ]

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Swim in the Rain


It was raining the whole day and someone had decided to enjoy the gloomy weather. Looks like this guy knows how to have fun with the rain! [ Read More ]

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