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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

You’re Kidding, The “Mediocre Golf Association?”

Mediocre Golf

April 11, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, with the Masters golf tournament this weekend, and in light of esteemed contributor Will De Jong‘s wonderful golf story and its various comments…       [ Read More ]

Ceiling Snowman


The stain left by the rain at the office where I used to work has transformed into a snowman! [ Read More ]

Green Car


Thinking of buying an eco-friendly car? Here’s one from my neighbor. They literally grew their own car. [ Read More ]

Door Sticks


It’s trying to warm me that the door sticks, bt really the door literally has sticks. Why on Earth?! [ Read More ]

Watching What Grandpa Likes


Whenever I visit the in-laws, I usually end up hanging out with Grandpa. We get along well and he’s pretty vibrant and active for someone we believed to be around 85. Not one’s really quite sure. [ Read More ]

The Dash in Between [PODCAST]


Shelley tells a story about her wonderful mother and her mother’s hysterical twin sister. [ Read More ]

Wife’s Favorite Past-Time [PODCAST]


Vincy tells the story of he and his wife trying to sleep less and become morning people. And yes, it was a challenge! [ Read More ]

Early Outbound Marketing


Marketing has been part of our society for way longer than you might think. Phil has a cartoon that illustrates the earliest example of outbound marketing. [ Read More ]

“Dad, I Painted the Porch”


I woke up late on a Sunday morning. While having my breakfast, my daughter mumbled “Dad, I painted your name on the Porch” and I replied “Okay”. [ Read More ]

Vegas in a Vending Machine

The Coke machine didn’t work. As I stood there pressing the button for a Dr. Pepper, I began to wonder whether the machine was out of this selected item. I wasn’t dead set on drinking Dr. Pepper, so I decided to drink a Coke and proceeded to press that button. But again, nothing! [ Read More ]

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