Caffeine Makes Everything Faster


Who doesn’t love caffeine? I wouldn’t even call it a day if there wasn’t caffeine running in my bloodstream. Do I consider the cafe as my second home? Sure, why not? [ Read More ]

How to Tell You’re a College Student


My friend Amy and I were home from college for the summer. We were in her parents’ kitchen making lunch when her mother walked in. [ Read More ]

The Lesson [VIDEO]

The Lesson [VIDEO]

Garlic Shake tells the story of one of the finest lessons he learned during school. [ Read More ]

Benefits Of English


One morning a police car with flashing lights pulled me over near the secondary school where I used to be a part-time teacher. As the officer asked for my registration and license, my students began to drive past. [ Read More ]

Clutter: A House Multiplied Against Itself Cannot Divide, Much Less Stand


Is your house a mess because there is no place for anything and nothing is in its place? Do you have trouble finding even yourself there on occasion? Read on for some empathy, and hopefully a few laughs as well. [ Read More ]

Heavy Pancakes


I was cooking pancakes for my husband, but I used too much flour and they turned out a bit heavy. After we ate, we had about half a dozen left. [ Read More ]

Two Bestseller Books


Who doesn’t love books? I even got a habit of waiting near the counter of the local bookstore to see what people are reading these days. [ Read More ]

Visual Aids For Real


The first assignment in our speech class back in school was to demonstrate something using visual aids. [ Read More ]

The Broken Table [VIDEO]

The Broken Table [VIDEO]

Adaeze tells the funny true story about her time in boarding school, facing punishment for a table she didn’t even break! But she knows who did… [ Read More ]

They Mystery Of The Missing Keys


Cristi and her mom have lost the keys to the house they are looking after. They go through everything to find them and you’ll never guess where they were. [ Read More ]

The Greatest Comeback Ever


August 16, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, the greatest comeback line ever? [ Read More ]

Help From My Friends [VIDEO]

Help From My Friends [VIDEO]

Emily is having a rough time. She’s tired, exhausted and can’t seem to even make a cup of chocolate milk right. Luckily, as described in this story, her friends are there to help. [ Read More ]

Thanks [VIDEO]

Thanks [VIDEO]

Leah remembers a fellow classmate from school who would copy her math work. Does Leah tell on him? Does he get in trouble? Find out in this funny true story! [ Read More ]

The Baseball Cards [VIDEO]

The Baseball Cards [VIDEO]

The Big Milkshake had a habit of getting into trouble as a boy and having his baseball cards taken away. What are the ways for him to get those cards back? Behaving certainly isn’t an option! [ Read More ]

The Shyest Cat Around [PODCAST]


Emily Menez tells the story about taking her pet cat to the local elementary school pet parade. Does he win any superlatives?? [ Read More ]