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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Guess His Gender


When my aunt was four months pregnant, she went to her obstetrician for a regular checkup. [ Read More ]

Side Mirror Substitute

side mirror

I was finding a parking spot when I noticed one of the cars at my side. Looks to me like they found a good side mirror substitute. [ Read More ]

The Squeaky Piano Pedal [PODCAST]


Tracy tells the funny true story about singing praises alongside a squeaky piano pedal. Can Tracy help herself from bursting out laughing?? [ Read More ]

Mouse in the House Madness!


It began innocuously enough with my wife hurling the wet laundry all over the garage when she spotted a “huge rat” sprinting behind the washing machine.  Now I’m not a timid man, but I admit to loathing rats, spiders, and reality TV. [ Read More ]

Text Mistake


This was a hilarious miscommunication that everyone can relate to. Anyone who hasn’t spoken to or sent a text to a friend in a while worries about something like this happening and I just had to share! [ Read More ]

Let Skating Boys Lie


Let it be known that I am neither sportsman nor outdoorsman. When it comes to winter pastimes, I have never in my life skied, snow-boarded or snow-shoed, and even after the events shortly following Christmas 2013, I maintain that I have never ice skated. [ Read More ]

The Dentist


My brother-in-law is a very skilled dentist.  I’ve been told he’s one of the best in the country (he told me so).  I’m only kidding, he’s the greatest. [ Read More ]

Potty Training [PODCAST]

potty training

Joseph tells the story of when he was potty training as a kid. Let’s just say, during a trip out, his training kicked in at the wrong moment. [ Read More ]

Par For The Course


Under a clearance sign at the big box hardware were prepackaged building projects for kids. Happily, there were three models, a windmill, a tunnel and a 4-sided ramp, the makings of your own private miniature golf course. I could hardly wait to visit the grandkids next weekend… [ Read More ]

Alan and His Cancer… A True Story of Hope and Optimism

While visiting Alan during his last battle (with cancer), I suggested it may be the right time for his memoirs. His eyes closed for a moment, and then he said, “I have the title – Cancer for Fun and Profit.” [ Read More ]

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