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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Fish in a Lake


Jeremy and his family spend some time at the lake with some friendly friends. Surprises relating to fish are in store during this little vacation! [ Read More ]

Why My Kids Will Play Baseball With a Tennis Ball

When I was a preteen, my summers were spent outside playing sports. I had the biggest backyard in the neighborhood, so I would often host nightly baseball, kickball, and football games. My parents were fully supportive of it- going out of their way to buy weighted rubber bases instead of using super-light frisbees that kept … [ Read More ]

Cat People [PODCAST]


Dan tells the story of how he went from a dog person to a cat person (with a little help from his future-wife). Love can do extraordinary things! [ Read More ]

Mosquitoes, A Can of Raid, and Bonnie’s Wedding Day


It had been a very hot summer that year. My particular neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, was for some reason plagued by mosquitoes that were unusually large and very fond of human flesh. [ Read More ]

The Smell of Defeat [PODCAST]


Ruby tells the story of “chaos week”, the most insane week at summer camp. Let’s just say her’s ended a bit messy. [ Read More ]

Diary of a Vegetarian [PODCAST]


Dan Borengasser records his effort to become a vegetarian. Turns out, not eating meat is hard for a meat-eater! [ Read More ]

Impressions Over the Phone Part 1 [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of teaching her young son, Dylan, how to properly answer the phone. Although, the results of the lessons are questionable, at best! [ Read More ]

Tea in Disguise


When my mom was sick and in bed, my dad and pandemonium reigned supreme in the kitchen. [ Read More ]

Fiancé Lays It Out in Advance

park bench

This plaque on a park bench in New York City’s Central Park is my favorite. As part of the Park’s fundraising effort, folks can adopt a bench and then as you can see put an engraved plaque on it. [ Read More ]


Back in the 40’s, on the west side of Chicago, us teenagers played “Relieveo,” a team version of hide-and-seek, and this usually included my friend, Jerry. [ Read More ]

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