Patching Up the Bruise


I waited for a long time for this bruise on my car’s windshield to get fully healed. [ Read More ]

Car Door Knob


This car parked next to me has a door knob on his door! I don’t know if it was just a design but I’d say it’s really cool. [ Read More ]

Spongebob Banana Pants


My little daughter is a picky eater. She only eats meat. That’s why I needed to be extra playful just to make sure they’ll eat their veggies and fruits. [ Read More ]

Sweet Birds


These two birds were at the window of my office. They’re just too sweet. [ Read More ]

Innovation When Bored


We were having a party at our place. The party started around 9 am. Around 8 hours later, boredom came.Thanks to boredom, we met innovation. [ Read More ]

Side Mirror Substitute

side mirror

I was finding a parking spot when I noticed one of the cars at my side. Looks to me like they found a good side mirror substitute. [ Read More ]

Cookies Sleep Too


I went to a Chinese restaurant. Once I opened the fortune cookie I knew I had to take this picture immediately. It’s true, cookies do sleep. [ Read More ]

A Helping Hand

helping hand

When I was a child I loved to help other people and I was always the first person to jump up and offer assistance. [ Read More ]

Cat Hiding Place


Our housekeeper thought my cat had disappeared from our study. She opened a can of food and this happened… [ Read More ]

Trespass Turtle


We were at church. We found this guy not abiding by the rules. I’ve kept silent about the turtle until now. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All