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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

The Original Mouse Pad

mouse pad

Sure, we have our idea of mouse pads. But did you ever think about what a mouse pad was before the age of personal computers? It seems a lot more wholesome! [ Read More ]

Dancing in the Elevator [VIDEO]

While on a family vacation, Michelle and her brother make the most of their elevator trips with some dancing. Does anyone get to see their great elevator dance-moves? [ Read More ]

If The Shoe Fits


Recently, I had to attend a party. I pulled together an outfit and applied a bit of makeup to a face that rarely dons such. Shoes were an issue though. [ Read More ]

A Bathroom in Thailand

I have always been a fan of funny phrases lost in translation. Towards the end of my journey to Khao Sok, Thailand, I got sea-sick on the boat and when I came out of the bathroom I noticed this sign posted overhead, it just summed up that day in Thailand perfectly! [ Read More ]

Warranty Shredder


My uncle recently bought an expensive paper shredder. Being a cautious person, he chose this particular model because it came with a long warranty. [ Read More ]

A Raccoon Trying to be Spiderman


It was Christmas Eve when this raccoon tried to intrude on our party. I’m still unsure if he was trying to camouflage to the wall or if he was just showing us his impersonation of Spiderman. [ Read More ]

Daughter has Brains


Obviously, my daughter has brains and she’s using it as her strategy. [ Read More ]

Bull Moose Now on the Loose


After a long weekend, my colleague and I were sent by the highway maintenance department to repair road signs that vandals had knocked down in a forested area. [ Read More ]

Horse Camo


These wild horses are easier to approach this way. They never thought it was me. I can definitely pull off being a horse. [ Read More ]

The Brides of March


Here in Arizona, there a group called the Arizona Cacophony Society. They host a number of silly playful events.  My favorite is The Brides of March. [ Read More ]

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