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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Rough, Bumpy Chuckle


After a rough flight, it’s nice to know the pilot knows how to bring the mood back up with a playful announcement. [ Read More ]

Sweet (and Sour) Potatoes


For some reason, my twins love acting like they’re babies. Perhaps it’s because they have a six month baby brother or perhaps like most adults, we wish for the days when we were younger. Either way, they have become quite skilled. [ Read More ]

Human Factory


This is a perfectly taken photo of a factory (a garment factory actually) creating yet another human. [ Read More ]

Microwave-Side Chat: Old Tissues: To Use or Not to Use? [PODCAST]


Just in time for the change of season, Smiles for All tackles the age-old question: “Should I reuse that old tissue from my coat pocket?” [ Read More ]

Vim and Vigor


In the latter part of my plumbing career, I was a foreman in charge of a small crew of five that were working on a slew of small apartment buildings. We started working at 7:00 AM and went home at 3:30 PM, banker’s hours. Every morning, my boss would drive up in a cloud of … [ Read More ]

I’m Trying To Work Here


My husband and I are always encouraging our children to help around the house to “earn their keep”. After earning some pocket money by helping with a few small chores, we asked our then four-year old daughter, “What else can you do?” She replied, “I can turn the TV on.” [ Read More ]

Over the Top

arm wrestling

I was fifteen when I gave muscle-building a second try. [ Read More ]

Potty Protest [PODCAST]


Charlie tells the funny true story about trying to potty train his daughter. She has always been strong-willed, so this was no easy task! How did they finally do it? [ Read More ]

Which Doctor?


Monica manages to be a great employee and a great mom. One day her boss, a doctor, calls and her nephew answers. But he doesn’t quite get his name right. [ Read More ]

Windy Wig [PODCAST]


Some people worry about losing their hair when they get older.  But in this story Diane’s mom really LOSES her hair.  Listen to her reminisce about her mother’s runaway wig chase! [ Read More ]

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