Spongebob Banana Pants


My little daughter is a picky eater. She only eats meat. That’s why I needed to be extra playful just to make sure they’ll eat their veggies and fruits. [ Read More ]

Sweet Birds


These two birds were at the window of my office. They’re just too sweet. [ Read More ]

Innovation When Bored


We were having a party at our place. The party started around 9 am. Around 8 hours later, boredom came.Thanks to boredom, we met innovation. [ Read More ]

Side Mirror Substitute

side mirror

I was finding a parking spot when I noticed one of the cars at my side. Looks to me like they found a good side mirror substitute. [ Read More ]

Cookies Sleep Too


I went to a Chinese restaurant. Once I opened the fortune cookie I knew I had to take this picture immediately. It’s true, cookies do sleep. [ Read More ]

A Helping Hand

helping hand

When I was a child I loved to help other people and I was always the first person to jump up and offer assistance. [ Read More ]

Cat Hiding Place


Our housekeeper thought my cat had disappeared from our study. She opened a can of food and this happened… [ Read More ]

Trespass Turtle


We were at church. We found this guy not abiding by the rules. I’ve kept silent about the turtle until now. [ Read More ]

Bad Day for Cola


If you’ve seen the picture of the coffee spill by Jessica Ramirez, well I’ve got to say, I’ve experienced something worse. Driving home sure is fun when you’re sitting on cola. [ Read More ]

Flip Flops Safety

flip flops

I was at the pool when I saw this. I guess someone had once lost their flip flops while swimming. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All