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Q&A Tuesday*: Why Do We Say “BYE BYE” but Not “HELLO HELLO” or “Hey Hey?”

Bye Bye

Today on Q&A Tuesday, we will dive into the linguistic minefield posed by ASMs’ extremely extremely erudite question.  ASMs asks: [ Read More ]

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

credit card

My daughter loves ice cream so much. This story happened when she was three, just a couple months after she first discovered the glory of ice cream. [ Read More ]

Shoe Repair Advertisement

shoe repair

Even if your shows are perfectly fine, who wouldn’t be convince to try out this ad? Definitely the best shoe repair advertisement I’ve seen! [ Read More ]

Law and Mail Order

post office arrest

The line at the post office was endless, and I was in a huge rush.  Luckily for me, there was a police officer in charge to “keep the peace” amongst the chaos. “If you need anything stamped come with me!” He ordered. That was precisely the reason I was there, schlepping a big stack of … [ Read More ]

House Sitting Sister [PODCAST]


Leanna and her sister love playing practical jokes on each other. They’re always funny and harmless, but sometimes, they can have horrible timing. [ Read More ]

Keen Observations


While driving along on a sunny day with my young granddaughter by my side, I felt like I was on top of the world. [ Read More ]

Dad Wins Again


One hot 4th of July in Georgia, my dad decided to run in a 5K for which he did not train. Once upon a time, Daddy was quite an athlete. Those days were long since gone! [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part III: Cats and The Vacuum Cleaner: A Fatal Combo


What is it about the vacuum cleaner that makes many cats disappear? Some say it’s those loud, whooshing sounds that a cat doesn’t quite understand. But I never point the vacuum at them or taunt them in any way. I am just VACUUMING! [ Read More ]

The Missing Goldfish Mystery


It all began one hot, summer morning as we were getting ready for a day at the local water slide park. [ Read More ]

He Got All Day to Make Me Laugh [PODCAST]


Vincy tells the story of making the most out of every moment in life. Especially those that involve strangers! [ Read More ]

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