Protected: Smiles For All

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Can’t You Do Something With Your Hair?!


My Grandmother was always a bit off her rocker but by the age of 100 her dementia worsened when she was living in an assisted living facility in Orlando, Florida near my Aunt. [ Read More ]

High Expectations


For my birthday, I received a box of what to me looked like the newest smart phone in the market but look what I got when I opened it. [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Free Gifts & More


This week’s selected funny tweets from some hilarious comedians. [ Read More ]

Nathen and the Bicycles

While working one day at my home office I heard a commotion outside. I decided to open the front door and see what was going on. My three grandchildren were visiting and were outside playing. [ Read More ]

How to Fit in the Mind of a First Grader

One day, when I was in first grade, my teacher was leading us in making a chart about tooth loss. [ Read More ]

New Tail Lights

tail lights

I guess this is easier than just replacing your burnt out tail lights. [ Read More ]

Self-Knowledge Through A Pipe


Dear Secret Diary– One of my favorite sayings is the Axiom of the Pipe (Trishmann’s Paradox), “A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth.”  Hmm. [ Read More ]

The Court Transcriber

When my daughter Ruth was still living with us before she married, her girlfriend, Cynthia, would visit at times. She tried to talk my wife, Gloria, into switching jobs. [ Read More ]

Meeting The Kingfish


The Kingfish, a legendary boxer, was strong, tough, and he certainly knew how to sell a man a tie. [ Read More ]

Blue Bird Landing [PODCAST]

blue bird

Emily is having a rough time post-graduation.  But then, one day, while working on a film,  a blue bird lands on her head and changes everything.  An uplifting story about how things can always get better. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All