How to Ruin a Family Road Trip

road trip

The real definition of road trip? An intentional lengthening of vacation’s worst part. It doesn’t make sense. Faster transportation is available. [ Read More ]

You or Your Needle!


I dread cold and flu season. It is not because I fear getting sick, but because there always seems to be someone who is trying to come at you with a needle. [ Read More ]

Bat Boy


My husband’s sister tells of babysitting two of her grandchildren when they were small. The two-year-old boy was hitting his four-year-old sister with a plastic bat. [ Read More ]

Chocolate at Church [PODCAST]


Diane tells the story of someone bringing chocolate to church. It might surprise you, but it caused quite a commotion. [ Read More ]

Tea in Disguise


When my mom was sick and in bed, my dad and pandemonium reigned supreme in the kitchen. [ Read More ]

Choosing Cantaloupes


“Choosing a cantaloupe is like picking a mate for marriage,” I casually joked. “A person has no idea what he’s getting until it’s too late.” [ Read More ]

Green Jello Wrestling


How many of us remember our first date with our then-just-friends-but-later-to-be spouses? Mine was unforgettable… for some very unusual reasons. [ Read More ]

My Beautiful Bubby


Shelley tells a few wonderful stories about her grandmother, or as she calls her, her bubby. [ Read More ]

Pink Slime


With school out for the summer, I try to keep my kids busy with various activities, e.g. craft mornings, $1 movies and the local pool. [ Read More ]

Not the Dog Food Again


I always feed our pets before we eat so they don’t bother us when we’re at the table. [ Read More ]

Tired Tuesday Presents*: A Planking Bulldog or One That Partied Too Hard?

tired tuesday featured image

Tuesday, October 21, 2014– Today on Tired Tuesday… [ Read More ]

Wedding Faux Pas


We all have had our embarrassing moments. It does sometimes seem to me that I have had more than my share of these I-wish-I were–someone-else flashes, but perhaps it’s all in my imagination. [ Read More ]

Wrong Number


Math was never my niece, Diana’s, strongest subject. After Diana’s first year of high school, she took a summer course to make up some credits. I ran into her one afternoon as the season was winding down. [ Read More ]

The Clown From the Tanning Salon


Before heading on vacation, I went to a tanning salon. I don’t know how my son convinced me to try this tanning thing but here I am, lying comfortable in the tanning bed. [ Read More ]

Seat Belt Bloopers

seat belt

A Police officer motioned for my father, who was driving a tractor trailer, to pull over, and then asked him for his license and insurance. [ Read More ]