Whopping Strawberry


If there’s a king of all strawberries, this has got to be it. [ Read More ]

All-in-One Remote Control Pad

remote control

As you can all see, this is my latest invention. Every remote control at home can be glued to this board. I used a chopping board by the way, and wallah.. Instant All-in-One, Never-Miss-Your-Remote-Anymore Pad. [ Read More ]

Printer Broke


Story of this photo: The Art department at school is in desperate need of a new printer ink cartridge. #PRINTERBROKE [ Read More ]

Yoda Storage Guard


The school’s storage section where we stock up our chalks and other teaching supplies has Yoda to guard it from trespassers. [ Read More ]

Can We Call This a Hammer?


My husband made this frankenfix to this hammer. I don’t know what to call this tool anymore. Any ideas? [ Read More ]

Human Factory


This is a perfectly taken photo of a factory (a garment factory actually) creating yet another human. [ Read More ]

A Fair Share of Cheese


We had a frozen pizza defect. We all know that each family member has an equal right to cheese consumption, so here’s my solution. Problem solved! [ Read More ]

Fire Hydrant in Style

fire hydrant

I found this fire hydrant in Ropetech Adventure Park in Bern, Switzerland. Someone left him sunglasses to keep cool for the hot summer and to stay in style. [ Read More ]

First Time with Utensils


I grabbed dinner with a friend. You can say that it was also her son’s first time using utensils. [ Read More ]

Hammer Clutch


A friend of mine had a hammer for the clutch of his car. Never underestimate the power of the hammer! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All