Shady Goat


This goat was quite tamed. I whistled for a while until he approached me. It was quite sunny that day so I let him borrow my sunglasses. He sure knows how to rock the shades. [ Read More ]

Hide and Call [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of playing hide and seek with her kids. She usually knows how to control the game but one day the kids come out on top! [ Read More ]

Extra Extra: Mother Nature Threatens to Strike


Earth Day 2015– An angry Mother Nature spread panic throughout the land today when she presented mankind with a list of demands and threatened to go on strike tonight at midnight if her demands are not met. [ Read More ]

O-Man Junior Plays Soccer [PODCAST]


Will tells the touching story of his childhood friend, Ollie, going from bench-warmer to MVP during a game of soccer. [ Read More ]

Wife’s Favorite Past-Time [PODCAST]


Vincy tells the story of he and his wife trying to sleep less and become morning people. And yes, it was a challenge! [ Read More ]

Lick Me Not

funny sign

I saw this funny sign at the mall. It’s a friendly reminder: no matter how tempting it is, never lick it. The taste was way off. [ Read More ]

Now That’s a Good Impression [PODCAST]


Pia recalls the many jobs she has held in the past. One job in particular had an unforgettable funny moment! [ Read More ]

Where’s King Arthur?

king arthur

We’re all in a mess here in our village. If anyone of you have already found King Arthur, please do call me. [ Read More ]

Almost Courageous [PODCAST]


As a teacher, Lorrie understands the student’s struggle when it comes to test-taking. But wait till you hear her son’s test story! [ Read More ]

Career Auto-Correct [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of helping her husband edit his resume as he looked for a new career. The auto-correct function had a few suggestions as well! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All