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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

My One and Only Touchdown


It was 1st and 10 on the opposing team’s forty yard line; they were trailing by a field goal. The defensive coach came down the sideline and pointed at me, and said, “You…” He hesitated, trying to remember my name. [ Read More ]

To Marry or Not to Marry? And Other Questions for 13-Year-Old Me

I found this entry in an old journal of mine.  Now, as a 20-something, it prompted several questions I would have for my 13-year-old self… [ Read More ]

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service


Phil takes the ol’ policy of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” and sees it from the perspective of a dog! [ Read More ]

Clever Birthday Cake

birthday cake

It was my cousin’s 28th birthday. We decided to bake him a birthday cake. We unfortunately couldn’t get hand on a number “8” candle. [ Read More ]

How To Make A Million Dollars, Even If You Don’t Win The Powerball

million dollars

Just in case you haven’t won the Powerball jackpot recently, here are some other ways to make millions… [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Grandpas & Cookies


Cookies all around for our favorite tweets of the week. [ Read More ]

Dad Killed A Raisin! [PODCAST]


Randi remembers those family car rides in their un-airconditioned car… especially the time she threw a raisin at her dad. [ Read More ]

Aloof Loaf of Bread


I was disappointed in the quality of a high-priced loaf of bread I had purchased and wrote to the company to express my feelings. [ Read More ]

The Mathochist Me


One beautiful Sunday, I took a few hours from my university studies to meet friends for brunch. [ Read More ]

Cow in the Desert


Here’s are a photo of a giant cow statue on the California-Nevada border near Death Valley. The cow is designed to promote a nearby hotel and casino, but to me she looks kind of lost. [ Read More ]

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